Street Drugs Today

Taking Back Our Families & Communities

Drug Addict

What can you do when you see drugs in action? What do you do if you find this issue within your own home? According to Sgt. Randy Sanders, we can learn how to work together to help our communities.

This presentation on how to take back our families and communities from the local drug problems facing them today is designed for a broad audience that can include parents, teachers, staff and anyone who works with children and young adults in various settings whether they be school or church, public or privately related. The message will be particularly relevant to counseling, mental health, non-profit and education administrators, health care and domestic violence executives and law enforcement personnel.

Sgt. Randy Sanders is currently detailed with the Highland County Sherriff’s Office. He has been with law enforcement in the southern Ohio area for 32 years. Over 20 of those years were spent primarily in the narcotics industry. In the past, Sgt. Sanders has served as Director of the US 23 Major Crimes Task Force and as Director of the Ohio Organized Crime Task Force. He brings a wealth of experience with him to this presentation.

  • With all the local families being touched in some way with drugs, we would like to give people an opportunity to see how we can work together to make things better.
  • -Sgt. Randy Sanders

Event Details

  • Location — Edward K. Daniels Auditorium, Central Campus
  • Date — Thursday, April 17, 2014
  • Time — 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Contact — For more info, contact Sherry MacDowell at 800.628.7722 x2515 or

This free event, co-sponsored by SSCC’s Student Government Association, the Highland County Sherriff’s office and US 23 Major Crimes Task Force, is open to the public. Immediately following the presentation will be a question and answer session as well as a cookie and punch reception.