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Accelerated Real Estate Salesperson Courses

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Nature of Profession

Real estate professionals have a thorough knowledge of residential and commercial property in a given community. They must determine which properties will best fit their clients’ needs and budgets. A working knowledge of local zoning and tax laws as well as where to obtain financing for purchase is required in this field. Agents and brokers also act as a medium for price negotiations between buyer and seller.

Related Job Titles

Areas of employment include appraiser, broker, developer, inspector, investment consultant, residential planner and salesman.


First Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
BADM 2204 Principles of Marketing 3
BADM 2251 Business Law I (The Legal Environment) 3
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
REST 1171 *Principles of Real Estate 3.25
REST 1173 *Real Estate Law 2.25

Second Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
BADM 2252 Business Law II (The Formation & Regulation of Business) 3
ENGL 1102 English Composition II 3
REST 1174 Real Estate Math 3
REST 2271 *Real Estate Finance 2.25
REST 2272 *Real Estate Appraisal 2.25

Third Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
ACCT 1104 Principles of Accounting I 4
CSCI 2218 Excel (MOS 77-420) 3
ECON 2205 Principles of Microeconomics 3
REST 2274 Real Estate Brokerage 3
– – – – – – Arts & Humanities or Science Elective 3

Fourth Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
ACCT 1105 Principles of Accounting II 4
COMM 1115 Fundamentals of Effective Speech 3
BADM 2216 Business Ethics 3
ECON 2206 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
MATH 1124 Finite Math 3
Program Total: 61

*Required for Ohio State Salesperson Licensing


Accelerated Real Estate Salesperson Courses

Real Estate

Get the skills needed to become a Real Estate Salesperson through a 15-week accelerated course of study. After completing four courses, you qualify to sit for the Ohio Real Estate Salesperson Exam. Financial aid is available to all who qualify.

Course Schedule

  • Principles of Real Estate | January 17 – March 28
  • Real Estate Law | January 17 – March 28
  • Real Estate Appraisal | April 4 – May 2
  • Real Estate Finance | April 4 – May 2

Classes for spring semester begin January 17. Registration begins November 17. For more information, contact Dr. Gayle Mackay at 800.628.7722 x2798 or