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At Southern State Community College, we tailor our degrees and certificates to reflect growing trends in employment opportunities. Research to learn about current projections in the Business field.

Meet Necole

"I was working at various jobs, raising two children, and watching girls I graduated high school with build their careers. I put off going to school because I wondered if I could dive into classes and still be a good mom. After 20-plus years, I decided to enroll at Southern State and, in 2013, I earned my degree."

"As a recent graduate with an associate degree, I also received various certifications through Southern Stateís on-site Certification Testing Center. Now I am working on my bachelorís degree with Franklin University and the best part is, I donít even have to leave campus since my classes are online. Through Southern Stateís many partnerships with several four-year colleges that promote transfer and huge cost savings, I have been able to work and care for my family while receiving a quality education."

"With no Southern State, I wouldnít have gone to school. I knew I had something to offer and Southern State Community College helped me find it. I learned that if you apply yourself, you will succeed. Iím not afraid now. I was, but that is behind me. I have confidence. Thank you Southern State!"

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Southern State Community College wants YOU to be successful at achieving your academic goals. We want to CONNECT you to the resources you need to be successful as a student and in life following graduation. If a degree in Business is your desire, we have outlined a path to completion, just for YOU, that lists required courses to help you achieve your goals.

To assist with degree completion, we also encourage you to meet with a person from our advising team. This person will serve as your central resource for academic advising while you are at Southern State! They will help you with selecting courses that meet timely degree completion, understanding and managing satisfactory academic progress, and answering any questions you have along the way.

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Business Degrees and Certificates


Associate of Applied Business Degree


Associate of Applied Business Degree


Associate of Applied Business Degree


Associate of Applied Business Degree


Associate of Applied Business Degree


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Speak with one of the program’s faculty members to see which area of study is right for you.

  • Dr. Gayle Mackay, Associate Professor, Accounting & Business
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  • Travis Martin, Assistant Professor, Accounting & Business
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Meet Gayle

"The great thing about Southern State is that it gives people opportunities to grow in a safe environment. Whether learning new things, or seeing things you know from a different perspective, Southern State helps build your future."

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Meet Jeff

"The business programs offered at Southern State can create a career pathway for the future. A business degree can help you get a better job, advance at your current job, or serve as the foundation for a bachelorís degree. We help students prepare for the opportunities that are available today."

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Meet Travis

"Southern State means different things to different people. For some, it is a starting point in the pursuit of a four-year degree. For others, it is a place to reinvent themselves, rejuvenate their career, or finish a degree started long ago. With a diverse community of learners, Southern State is such a great place to learn."



At Southern State, YOU are more than just a number or face in the crowd. We care about your success and want you to reach your full potential. Achieving your goals is our #1 priority. Ready to get started?

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Amy H. 2008 SSCC Graduate

"Attending Southern State Community College allowed me to have the flexibility I needed to begin my career in the business field. Today I have a very successful and rewarding career with a community bank in my hometown doing what I love."

Amy H. | 2008 Southern State Graduate

Joel C. SSCC Student

"With Southern State Community College being so close to home, and very affordable, I have been able to attend classes while staying within my budget. The classes that I have taken so far are relevant to the degree I am pursuing, and I know I will be prepared when entering the workplace upon graduation."

Joel C. | Southern State Student

Shelly M. 2015 SSCC Graduate

"I am so happy that I chose to attend Southern State. The tuition is affordable, and the accessibility of campuses and one-on-one attention canít be beat. Upon graduation, only three days in fact, I was able to land a job close to home without having to commute to a large city. I thank Southern State for that!"

Shelly M. | 2015 Southern State Graduate