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  • Corrections Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Parole Officer
  • Patrol Officer
  • Bailiff
  • Detective
  • Sheriff/Deputy
  • Criminal Investigator

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At Southern State Community College, we tailor our degrees and certificates to reflect growing trends in employment opportunities. Research to learn about current projections in the Criminal Justice field.

Meet Carson

"I finished my freshman year of college away from home, then decided to come back to my hometown and study Criminal Justice at Southern State. I highly recommend the criminal justice program to anyone interested in a public service job; whether it be in law enforcement, corrections, probation/parole, or private security."

"I chose Southern State for a few reasons. Since all of the criminal justice classes were offered at the Fayette Campus, it was very convenient. I saved a lot of money since I moved back home and tuition was much cheaper than it was at a state university. The student-to-teacher interaction that takes place in a smaller college like Southern State makes learning easier and more enjoyable. The instructors get to know you very well and that is important. Lastly, the program itself and the professors are what made me want to come to Southern State."

"From the moment I sat down in my first criminal justice class, I knew this was the career field I wanted to pursue and build my life around. It is not about getting a good job; itís about starting a career that I can enjoy for 20-plus years. There are always job opportunities in this career field, although they are competitive, hard work and dedication will get you there, and SSCC and its faculty will put you on the right path toward your career choice, just like they have done for me."

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Criminal Justice Degrees and Certificates


Associate of Applied Science Degree


Associate of Applied Science Degree


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Criminal Justice
  • Robin Roche, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice

Program Director

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Meet Robin

"It takes a courageous person to consider a lifetime role of protecting his or her fellow citizens. The law enforcement programs at Southern State will fully prepare that courageous student to enter a challenging yet rewarding career. Law enforcement personnel offer valuable contributions to making our communities safer places to live. But education doesn’t end with a degree or certificate from Southern State; it’s an ongoing journey. We encourage our graduates to enter their careers with enthusiasm, and always seek new education and training opportunities."



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