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These are the programs that I use in my classes. You do not have to purchase this software, but if you do not have these programs you will need to plan for time on campus to complete your work.

Microsoft Office*

Adobe Photoshop*

Adobe Flash*

Adobe Dreamweaver*

Audacity-free download from Sourceforge

Windows Movie Maker Live-free download from Microsoft

*Please see my Resources page for places to get student pricing on these programs.

For the Introduction to Game Development and Java classes, the software comes with the textbook.


Most desktop and laptop computers sold today will handle the software that we use. A netbook will not. If you are in the market to purchase a computer, make sure to read the minimum hardware requirements of the software programs you choose to make sure that you purchase a computer that meets or exceeds those expectations.

Other pieces of equipment that are not required, but may be of value to you:


Headset with microphone, or

Speakers and microphone