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What is a Hybrid Class?

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According to the Sloan Consortium1, a hybrid course is a course where "...the technologies used for education and communication outside the classroom are used to supplant some of the classroom work, reducing the time actually spent in the classroom, the result is a blended or hybrid course.

All of my courses have face-to-face meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays during each week (please check the current schedule for a particular class). Face-to-face classes are in room 114 (computer science lab) at South Campus. I also use Blackboard Collaborate to run the face-to-face classes, so if you cannot make it to campus one day you can connect to us virtually and still participate in the class (you must have broadband Internet access to use this option, dial-up will not work). I also have students who live well away from South Campus who use the Collaborate classroom to attend the face-to-face classes and participate. If you wish to do this, please contact me to work out the details. If it is a class that has a group project component, you will still be expected to work with a group through the use of Blackboard IM, email, and possibly face-to-face meetings at South Campus or other campuses.

Since my classes only meet face-to-face once a week, there is a substantial amount of work you are responsible for on your own. Hybrid courses are beneficial in that you spend less time on campus, and this gives you more time for family committments, employment, etc. The otherside of his coin is that it takes a great deal of discipline on your part to complete the work assigned, without the rigid schedule of multiple class sessions each week. Hybrid and online courses are not easier. If anything, they are harder and more complicated than traditional on-campus classes. Hybrid and online classes require self-direction, hard work, and dedication to your education.

In addition to the once a week face-to-face session in each course, I also provide online office hours during the second half of each week. My online office hours are conducted in Blackboard Instant Messenger (please check my current schedule to find my online office hour times). Using Blackboard IM I can work with students who are struggling with an assignment or just have a question. In Blackboard IM we can use regular IM chat, audio or video to communicate.

If you have any questions about hybrid or online classes, please contact me by phone at (937)695-0307 ext. 3636 or through email at khall@sscc.edu.



1The Sloan Consortium, http://commons.sloanconsortium.org/discussion/blendedhybrid-courses