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Associate Professor, Engineering


Native of Ohio, born in Mahoning County.

A graduate of Poland Seminary High School.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, The William Rayen School of Engineering, Youngstown State University.

Master of Arts in Education and Human Development, Educational Technology Leadership Program, The George Washington University.

Work Background

I earned 100% of my engineering college expenses by working at a variety of jobs, including three years in the service department of an automobile dealership and two years in retail sales.

As an engineer, I have worked as a draftsman, detailer, designer, engineer, project engineer, for several companies in manufacturing, and in product design and development. I have also been the CAD supervisor for a division of a leading numerical control machine tool company.

While working as an engineer, I began teaching at SSCC on a part-time basis. Deciding that teaching was what I really wanted to do, I took a full-time teaching position on an Academic Challenge Grant, which eventually became a faculty position in the Engineering Department of this College.

Along with teaching engineering courses and academic advising,  I have served the College as an Area Leader in Science and Technology, served as Chairman of the Curriculum Committee, President of the Faculty Senate, Chairman of the Academic Appeals Committee, Chairman of the Techology Committee, and participated on many other committees.  I  have completed  serving for a third time as President of the Southern State Education Association.  I am also a member of the Higher Education Advisory Committee to the Ohio Education Association.


Areas of teaching responsibilities include most courses in the Engineering Design program major (ENDS) and some introductory courses in Physics (PHYS). I am still hoping for that first course in English Literature.

Class Schedule

My class schedule varies by quarter, but usually includes afternoon and evening classes on several days a week. Please see the section listing class schedules on the College website.

Office Hours

I am generally available Monday through Thursday for a time in the afternoon and early evening. Other times may be made by appointment.


Telephone (937) 393-3431 or 1-800-628-7722 in Ohio.
Email mail be directed to:  (old address).




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