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The Tutoring Center is committed to providing free, quality tutoring assistance and resources necessary to ensure the academic success of all students by offering one-on-one mentoring, drop-in labs and online services on all campuses.

Our mission is to develop independent, responsible, lifelong-learners by promoting active learning, increasing student motivation and instilling confidence. The center strives to create an open, inviting atmosphere conducive to learning. Tutors will seek to identify learning styles and assist the student in developing sets of learning strategies which address their needs.

If you think tutoring is about failure, think again! The Tutoring Center offers students an opportunity for academic success. Use the available resources to:

  • assist with time management;
  • build and reinforce basic knowledge;
  • discover Southern State student support services;
  • identify learning styles and strategies;
  • improve grades and overall GPA;
  • obtain feedback on written assignments;
  • prepare for exams and standardized tests;
  • receive assistance with formatting papers;
  • stay on top of coursework; and
  • tackle difficult concepts.

Academic success and a quality educational experience will improve your chances of completing your degree, and that will improve personal satisfaction, happiness and success in life. Find a Tutor or Contact us to begin improving the quality of your educational work!

Success Workshops

Fall 2014

Online Success Workshop

Online Student

This workshop will cover how to use Blackboard. Plan to attend this workshop if you have never been enrolled in an online class or if you have struggled in the past with online issues. The facilitator will guide you through a simulated Blackboard 9 class and show you how to access information and classroom assignments, take timed tests, chat, save and submit, attach documents and complete many other skills necessary for online work.

  • Central Campus (Room 101) — August 11 @ 8:30am–11:30am (course: CRDW 0097 FC1)
  • Fayette Campus (Room 125) — August 12 @ 8:30am–11:30am (course: CRDW 0097 FW1)
  • North Campus (Room 318) — August 13 @ 8:30am–11:30am (course: CRDW 0097 FN1)
  • South Campus (Room 114) — August 14 @ 8:30am–11:30am (course: CRDW 0097 FS1)

Contact the Tutoring Center at 937.393.3431 x2880 or x2881 to reserve a spot for one of the sessions.

Computer Fundamentals Workshop


This workshop covers the basics of Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint for academic success. If you struggle with composing documents, saving, attaching, creating graphs or producing a PowerPoint presentation, then please consider signing up today for this pre-semester workshop.

  • Central Campus (Room 101) — August 11 @ 12pm–5pm (course: CRDW 0098 FC1)
  • Fayette Campus (Room 125) — August 12 @ 12pm–5pm (course: CRDW 0098 FW1)
  • North Campus (Room 318) — August 13 @ 12pm–5pm (course: CRDW 0098 FN1)
  • South Campus (Room 114) — August 14 @ 12pm–5pm (course: CRDW 0098 FS1)

Contact the Tutoring Center at 937.393.3431 x2880 or x2881 to reserve a spot for one of the sessions.

Find a Tutor

To receive Southern State’s tutoring services, you must complete an application.

You can submit the tutor request application electronically or submit a printed copy to any faculty secretary or to the Tutoring Center. Once the form is completed, you are eligible to utilize the tutoring resources which include drop-in labs, one-on-one sessions and online tutoring through Blackboard 9.

Search for Tutors

The directory provides both drop-in and online lab schedules as well as contact information for one-on-one tutoring. The contacts are listed first by campus and then by academic discipline. When you locate a tutor for your subject, simply contact the tutor and make an appointment.

Drop-In Lab Schedule

While most labs focus on mathematics and writing, the Tutoring Center also offers drop-in labs which are manned by tutors who can provide general tutoring in all subject areas. When the drop-in lab tutor can no longer serve the needs of the student, they will then serve as tutoring ambassadors to help students connect with Southern State course-specific tutors or with virtual tutors through our online Blackboard 9 platform.

All tutoring drop-in labs are located at or near the Library on each campus.

Summer Semester 2014

Central Campus

Day Time Tutor
Tuesday 8am – 6pm Joe Gruber
Wednesday 8am – 6pm Joe Gruber
Day Time Tutor
Monday 12pm – 6pm Erin Smith
Thursday 9am – 3pm Erin Smith

Note: Drop-in labs will be at the Central (Hillsboro) Campus during the 2014 summer semester. If you need a tutor, please visit our Tutor Directory to locate a tutor for a one-on-one appointment.

While a tutor cannot be guaranteed for every subject, every effort will be made to fill any request received.

Become a Tutor

Southern State tutors come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from students to local community members. Tutors are evaluated and hired based on their area or areas of expertise. A student must include a faculty reference.

Complete the tutor interest form and submit it electronically or submit a printed copy to any faculty secretary or Tutoring Center. At least one reference must be a full-time faculty member in the discipline you wish to tutor.

Upon receipt of an interest form, the Tutoring Center will evaluate your transcript and recommendations. The process takes between one to two weeks. You will also need to complete an employment application for Human Resources.

Requirements for Peer Tutors

  • Achieved sophomore standing
  • Have an overall minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Know and articulate material well
  • Maintain an A/B average in subject and major
  • Submit faculty references


For more information or services, please complete and submit this form and we will get back with you as soon as we can!

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