Biotechnology and Laboratory Science (441C)

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Offered on: North Campus (Day)

Nature of Profession

Biotechnology is a growing industry that implements the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products. By using principles of biology and technology in the lab to solve scientific issues, this branch of science is used to advance technology in the agriculture, food production, forensic, pharmaceutical and medical fields, and more!

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Career Opportunities

Modern biotechnology provides breakthrough products and technologies for various industries such as the healthcare, food production, forensics, and agriculture fields. Combat debilitating and rare diseases with new vaccines, reduce our environmental footprint via biorefineries, feed the hungry through increased crop yields and food preservation technologies, use less and cleaner energy, and have safer, cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes.

The Biotechnology and Laboratory Science Program prepares graduates to work as an entry-level laboratory technician. The Biotechnology and Laboratory Science Program prepares students to continue on to a four year college in biotechnology, biology, molecular biology, or cell biology. This program will prepare a student to go into a beginning research program, or better understand and apply biotechnological knowledge to farming.

Transfer Agreements

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Fall Semester | First Year

Course # Course Title Credits
BIOL 1101 Principles of Biology I 5
BTNL 1110 Intro to Biotechnology & Lab Science 4
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
MATH 1141 College Algebra 3

Spring Semester | First Year

Course # Course Title Credits
BIOL 1102 Principles of Biology II 5
BTNL 1120 Biotechnology & Lab Science of Agriculture and Aquaculture 4
ENGL 1102 English Composition II 3
PHIL 1107 Ethics 3

Fall Semester | Second Year

Course # Course Title Credits
CHEM 1120 Intro to Chemistry 5
BTNL 2210 Biotechnology & Lab Science of Microorganisms 4
BIOL 2210 Microbiology 4
COMM 1115 Fundamentals of Effective Speech 3

Spring Semester | Second Year

Course # Course Title Credits
BTNL 2220 Advanced Biotechnology & Lab Science 4
CHEM 1124 Elem. Organic Chemistry 4
ENGL 2205 Technical Report Writing 3
SOCI 1199 Genographic Project 2
BTNL 2225 Historical, Ethical, Legal, Social, & Economic
Issues of Biotechnology & Laboratory Science


Course # Course Title Credits
BTNL 1199 Seminar (Elective) 1-6
BTNL 2280 Biotechnology and Lab Science Work Experience (elective) 1-6
Program Total: 61