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Aviation: General and Airframe (470I)

Southern State Engineering Banner, Aviation: General and Airframe

Offered at: Laural Oaks (Evening)

Nature of Profession

Aviation mechanics repair and perform scheduled maintenance on airplanes and helicopters. They inspect aircraft as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Degree requirements are different than FAA requirements for testing and licensures. Please contact Amy McClellan for clarification or questions.

Fall Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
AVIT 1111 Aircraft Operations & Preservation 5
AVIT 1112 Basic Aircraft Electricity 5
AVIT 1113 Aircraft Materials, Processes & Fluid Lines 5
MATH 1120 Technical Mathematics 3

Spring Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
AVIT 1121 Aircraft Maintenance Publications & Regulations 3
AVIT 2221 Aircraft Metallic Structures 6
AVIT 2222 Aircraft Fuel Systems 2
AVIT 2241 Aircraft Instrumentation, Navigation & Communication 4
PHYS 2201 General Physics I (Algebra Based) 4
PHYS 2211 General Physics Lab I 1
Program Total: 38

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