Horticulture (441A)

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Offered on: North Campus (Day)

Nature of Profession

Horticulture is concerned with those plants whose cultivation brings rewards whether in the form of profits or personal pleasure. Garden crops traditionally include fruits, vegetables and all the plants grown for ornamental purposes as well as medicinal plants. The aim of horticulture practice is to produce a healthy, growing plant. In order to understand the biological rationale behind these practices, the student will gain knowledge of plant relationships, structure, growth, development and reproduction.

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Fall Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
AGRI 1114 Principles of Horticulture 4
AGRI 1123 Plant Materials 4
AGRI 1171 Survey of Agriculture 1
AGRI 2232 Weed Control & Management 4
– – – – – – Accounting, Business Administration or Entrepreneurship Elective 3

Spring Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
AGRI 1121 Plant Propagation 4
AGRI 2208 Soils 4
AGRI 2218 Landscape Design 3
AGRI 2238 Pesticides & Pesticide Usage 3
AGRI – – Agriculture Elective 3
Program Total: 33