Co-Op & Internship Programs

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In partnership with leading employers, Southern State Community College is pleased to offer our co-op and internship programs that will provide an opportunity to build relevant experience through co-op and internship programming. These custom designed degrees are tailored to provide students with a competitive advantage among the country's premier employers. The co-op track option offers students the opportunity to receive focused academic instruction alongside real-world application.

Co-Op Programs

Engineering Co-Op Track

If you have any questions, please Email Jim Barnett or Amy McClellan or call 937-393-3431 x2785

Internship Programs

Current Internship Opportunities

Please contact Amy McClellan with any questions or interest in the posted internships. A professional resume must be approved prior to being submitted to employers. Please visit our Career Services or Ohio Means Jobs locations for assistance in resume building. Students will also need endorsement from his or her Full-Time Faculty member.

Strategies to Enhance Our Regional Assets

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, or someone comes in seeking your services, and you wonder, “where on earth are they coming from with their situation?” Have you ever thought about why their life is so different than yours? Maybe it isn’t so different.

Plan to attend this unique training workshop to learn more about what people go though who live in poverty. During this training session, you can experience what it’s like to live in poverty and how to better serve those you work with who may be going through it.

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"Changing Family Trees"

Student Spotlight – Candle Lite Internship