ENTR 1102 – Opportunity Analysis

3 credits

An assessment of current economic, social and political climates for small businesses. The student will understanding demographic, technological and social changes which create opportunities for small business ventures.

ENTR 1120 – Innovation & Creativity

3 credits

This is a course to introduce the student to understanding creative abilities, recognizing their creative abilities, changing their way of viewing creativity, understanding who they are as a creative person, promoting innovation in themselves and others, and demonstrating productive thinking. Upon completion the student should have a better understanding of his/her creative abilities; change the way he/she thinks about intelligence, education, and human resources; understand creativity and the concept that it is a function of intelligence' and understand that "Imagination is the beginning of creation" (George Bernard Shaw).

ENTR 1150 – Entrepreneurship: Managing Small Business

3 credits

This course introduces students to the opportunities and challenges associated with the creation and management of entrepreneurial and small organizations. This course discusses innovative and contemporary approaches in addressing areas such as: starting, acquiring a business, succeeding in business, and franchising a small business venture. The course also provides the foundation for small business and an overview of business concepts, including topics such as: theories of entrepreneurship, types and characteristics of entrepreneurship, the business life cycle, entrepreneurial economics, accounting and financial management, legal issues, marketing research and planning, human resource management, ethics and social responsibility, product and service research development and acquisition, and the use of technology.

ENTR 2201 – Funding Acquisition for Entrepreneurs

3 credits | Prerequisite: ENTR 1150

The student will understand and demonstrate an understanding of acquiring funding for a business venture. They will also understand the impact of funding sources. The importance of the financial health of a business will also be examined. The student will also develop and present a funding proposal.

ENTR 2280 – Consumer Behavior

3 credits

Upon completion of this course, the student should develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform useful consumer analysis in developing marketing strategies. The student should understand why people buy things.

ENTR 2295 – Entrepreneurship Internship

3 credits | Prerequisite: Students must have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of Entrepreneurship (ENTR) courses with a minimum grade of "C" or better and have completed at least 30 semester hours toward the Entrepreneurship program with an overall grade average of "C" or better

This course consists of the student participating in a supervised Entrepreneurial experience at an approved worksite. The course also includes one hour per week of classroom participation. The student should be able to apply classroom knowledge to actual work situations. Students must get worksite approval from the Instructor prior to the end of the previous semester. A minimum of 210 hours of work/training (14 hours per week) is required with one additional hour of classroom participation per week. This course is required for the Associate of Applied Business in Entrepreneurship.