Agriculture Program Pathway 'My time spent at Southern State has been very beneficial and I have learned a lot...'

Agriculture is part of everything we do. It is one of the most important majors you could choose because it addresses a basic human need – FOOD! A degree in Agriculture can teach you the essentials of planting, cultivation, fertilization, harvesting, processing, and fruit and vegetable distribution as well as the most effective ways to raise, breed, and market livestock. As a graduate of the program, you could enter a variety of careers in business, government, or a nonprofit sector like working for yourself. Ready to get started on your agriculture pathway?

Program categories in this pathway:



Associate of Arts Degree


Associate of Science Degree



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Tyler Tucker | Southern State Graduate

"One of the reasons I decided to enroll at Southern State was the location. It was hard for me to find a college that was close enough to my home where I could commute. I wanted to major in agriculture, so it was the perfect fit. The agriculture program at Southern State is really great. There is a greenhouse on campus which provides a lot of hands-on experience. A variety of classes are offered related to agriculture, anything from Animal Science, Crop Science, Soils, Beef Cattle Management, to Greenhouse Management. If you are interested in agriculture, Southern State has a class for you. If you are not interested in getting a two-year degree, the college also offers a one-year certificate in Horticulture. The greenhouse provides a perfect learning environment for that."

"My time spent at Southern State has been very beneficial and I have learned a lot that will help me in my future career. I am proud to say that I am a Southern State graduate. I made a lot of friends and memories during my time here and I would encourage anyone interested in making agriculture a career, to check out Southern State's Agriculture program. They have a lot to offer!"

Tyler Tucker | Southern State Graduate

Joshua W. | Southern State Graduate

"Southern State has provided me with an affordable option to get my college education. The agriculture program has allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the field that I plan to go into. Pursuing my agriculture production degree at Southern State has been one of the best decisions Iíve ever made."

Joshua W. | Southern State Graduate

Morgan S. | Southern State Graduate

"Attending classes at Southern State Community College has given me a good foundation toward obtaining a teaching degree in agriculture. Southern State has allowed me to make the transition from high school to college easy and very beneficial. I love it here!"

Kristen S. | Southern State Alumni