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Truck Driving Program 'The small class sizes really allow for a lot of student/instructor time.'

We offer a comprehensive, hands-on truck driver training program that exceeds Ohio requirements for obtaining your CDL (Commercial Driver's License). The costs below include instruction, licensing, and all endorsements. There are no hidden or additional costs.

Our approach means that most of your driving instruction time is spent in the truck; either on our closed course or on the road. Classes are small so you will be guaranteed the "behind-the-wheel" time that you need to begin your professional trucking career. And individual instruction means that you get quick answers and valuable driving experience. Contact us to learn more!

Program categories in this pathway:


4 Week Program


8 Weekend Program


2 Week Program


2 Week Program

Training Cost Hours Program Design
Class A $5,300 160 4 Weeks or 8 Weekends
Class B $2,900 80 2 Weeks
Passenger Bus $900 / $2900 80 2 Weeks

Program Start Dates:

The program can be offered on any of our 6 locations including Wilmington, Piketon, Pomeroy, South Point, Rio Grande Jackson, & West Union. The start dates are listed below:

  • Class A training | Jan. 18th | Weekends | Wilmington & Piketon
  • Class A training | Jan. 27th | Weekdays | Any location

Call 800.628.7722 x4560 for Class B start dates

Employment OUTLOOK:

At SSCC, we tailor our programs to reflect growing trends in employment opportunities. Research to learn about current projections in the Truck Driving field, or visit the SSCC Job Board to view available jobs.



The cost for the Class A weekday or weekend programs is $5300, and the cost for the Class B weekday program is $2900. This will cover the entire cost of the program (instruction, materials, truck driving time, and practice tests) as well as state-required testing and licensing fees and DOT-required physical and drug screen. HAZMAT Endorsement is included in the program cost as well.

Sources of Financial Aid

Truck Driving Academy accepts payment for educational expense through the following:

  • 1. Notify your local Ohio Means Job office for availability of WIA grants
  • 2. Apply for a Sallie Mae student loan either by calling 1.800.695.3317 or at
  • 3. Ask about the Marathon Scholarship!

We are a recognized training provider for the Ohio Workforce Investment Act (WIA), the U.S. Veterans Administration, the Trade Adjustment Act, and many others.

You may also find that some employers offer tuition reimbursement. Many of our graduates receive employment offers before they graduate, and some of these positions offer reimbursement. Be sure to ask your potential employer about any free training that may be available!

Contact us to find out what you may qualify for!


Please complete and submit this form and we will get back with you as soon as we can!


Want to learn more about these programs?

Speak with one of the program's faculty members to see which area of study is right for you.

Truck Driving Faculty
Truck Driving Academy Truck


You can attend at any of our locations in Ohio. In addition to our original driver training facility in Clinton county, we also offer training in Adams, Gallia, Jackson, Lawrence, and Pike Counties.

Ohio Valley CTC

175 Lloyd Rd, West Union, OH 45693
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Pike County CTC

175 Beaver Creek Rd., Piketon OH 45661
View Map

Pomeroy Campus

42377 Charles Chancey Drive, Pomeroy, OH

View Map
Rio Grande Jackson

980 E. Main Street, Jackson, OH 45640

View Map
South Point Campus

216 Collins Avenue, South Point, OH

View Map
Wilmington Campus

1850 Davids Dr, Wilmington, OH 45177
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Truck Driving Location in Ohio


Tony E., SSCC Truck Driving Academy Graduate

"Southern State's Truck Driving Academy has been a big part of my life - for the past 13 year to be exact. I started here as a student, received my Class A license and am now teaching others how to drive a truck under this program. The small class sizes really allow for a lot of student/instructor time. It is close to home and affordable."

Tony E. | SSCC Truck Driving Academy Instructor

Patricia C., SSCC Truck Driving Academy Student

"The Truck Driving Academy at Southern State has small classes sizes, which I like. The friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere are great for learning. Southern State has been very helpful at making sure I received funding to help offset enrollment costs. I am happy I chose the Truck Driving Academy at Southern State to assist me in getting my commercial driver's license."

Patricia C. | SSCC Truck Driving Academy Alumni

Robert F., SSCC Truck Driving Academy Student

"It was through my family and friends that I heard about the Southern State Truck Driving Academy and how good the program was. Now that I am enrolled, I am very pleased and would have to agree with them. The classes are very informative and I have learned a lot about how to operate a semi safely."

Robert F. | SSCC Truck Driving Academy Alumni

Suzy E., SSCC Truck Driving Academy Student

"I chose to attend the Truck Driving Academy at Southern State because it was close to my home. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone considering truck driving as a career. I received lots of hands on experience, which made me feel confident about getting a job. Southern State's Truck Driving Academy has put me on the path to getting my CDL. I can't wait to see what opportunities this will bring!"

Suzy E. | SSCC Truck Driving Academy Alumni

"The instructors at Southern State's Truck Driving Academy have real world experience and they genuinely want the students to succeed. The Academy really prepared me and gave me the confidence to start my new career. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in pursuing a career in truck driving."

Ryan J. | SSCC Truck Driving Academy Alumni

"The Truck Driving Academy at Southern State has great instructors and the training provided was laid back and fun. I have learned to operate a tractor trailer with confidence, which is something I thought I would never be able to do. I really enjoyed my time of learning and training at Southern State."

Kevin O. | SSCC Truck Driving Academy Alumni

"Attending Southern State's Truck Driving Academy was an easy choice for me because I heard nothing but great things about the school. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I really felt like I was part of a family. The Academy taught me how to be successful in the trucking industry and helped me build my confidence when driving. I really enjoyed my time here."

William G. | SSCC Truck Driving Academy Alumni

"I was highly impressed by the program at the Truck Driving Academy. The instructors were both knowledgeable and experienced and did not hesitate to answer questions or clarify the smallest of details. The volume of information and training received during the program was impressive and will no doubt pay dividends for our department in the future. I recommend the Academy for any department manager looking for high level training in this discipline."

Darren LeBrun, PE, PS | Scioto County Sanitary Engineer

"I am a Southern State alumni, and I also have a Bachelor's degree, but I was having a difficult time getting a truck. The Truck Driving Academy program offered the chance for me to work with professionals in this industry and obtain the credentials I needed. My time at the TDA was awesome! It was a fun atmosphere, the teachers are there to help you when you need it, both in class and on the road. Now I have not just one, but two jobs (one full-time and one part-time) in the trucking industry. I would highly recommend the TDA to anyone considering it. The door is always open for you there."

Cierra Walker | Independent Truck Operator

"My husband went to the Southern State Truck Driving Academy and when I got downsized, I decided to go on his recommendation. It was a great school experience. The instructors were very helpful. Any time you had a question, there was no waiting. You got immediate help and individual attention. I passed my CDL the first time, and now I will be team driving with my husband! I would recommend it to anyone considering entering the field. I even recommended it to the people in line while I was waiting to get my CDL."

Kathy Klinglesmith | Driver for U.S. Express

"I was downsized from ABX after 27 years. I had years of safety experience, but while I was researching how to update my skills, I found that HAZMAT training required a Class A CDL license and decided to go to Southern State’s Truck Driving Academy. I had a great experience with the training program as a whole, in particular, the instructor was attentive, thorough and personable. I found that if you listen to the instructor and follow directions, you can pass your CDL exam the first time. Right now I have one job offer with another one on the table. The TDA gives you what you need to get started in this business. I plan on taking that knowledge and succeeding!"

Tony Frye | Driver for Schneider National


Southern State seeks to fill specific post-secondary educational needs for the residents of southern Ohio. The College cannot meet this commitment without guidance and constructive input from members of the community. To foster this vital involvement, the College has established advisory committees. Persons involved in business, public service, and industry volunteer their service and expertise for the purpose of guiding and updating educational programs offered by the College. The advisory committees help to ensure that general and technical education is of finest quality and is always attuned to community needs.

Truck Driving Academy Advisory Committee