General Information about Classes

Southern State Community College welcomes you and is eager to deliver quality education experiences this fall.

Recognizing the continued uncertainty of our environment, we are offering a blend of online and hybrid courses that can easily adapt in the worst case scenarios. And, in those areas where virtual learning is near impossible, we are hosting some face-to-face courses, socially distanced of course, and building back-up strategies that can withstand the challenges that COVID-19 might present. Substantial investments in CANVAS training and technological enhancements are at the core of our efforts and we will keep working feverishly to deliver you a quality experience this fall. Check out our updated Fall Schedule.

Despite our best efforts to make learning as accessible and convenient as possible for all types of learners, we cannot stress enough the need to bring an attitude of flexibility and self-responsibility. In fact, without your help and support, our best efforts will fail. While some may argue this phrase is now overused, we are "STILL in this together."

In case you wondered, here's a brief description of the various learning options:

  • Online: Content delivered exclusively online through CANVAS. Few, if any specific scheduled meeting times.
  • Hybrid/Blended: This will include a unique combination of some face-to-face and virtual obligations. Many courses will continue to have specific meeting times whether attending virtually or in person. There will be a heavy reliance on Zoom and other virtual technologies. Advisors are informed of the delivery models and instructors will provide additional details.
  • Face-to-Face: This option is largely reserved for those high-touch, technical programs which require hands-on learning that is nearly impossible to replicate in a virtual environment.
  • CCP Site: The delivery of these courses will vary depending on the modality options directed by each district. CANVAS is required for any virtual learning experience and must be used as a minimum for gradebook and to distribute the course syllabus even if the course is scheduled for face-to-face delivery.

**Southern State will continue our partnership with Wilmington College to have a variety of our most popular transfer courses and our Human and Social Services program offered at the Wilmington College Campus. Visit Southern State Classes at Wilmington College to learn more. And, our Aviation Maintenance program, in its entirety, will now be delivered at the Laurel Oaks Career Center in Wilmington.