Information for Faculty

What tools are available for me to use with my students?

Please visit the Instructional Technology's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) webpage for resources. This webpage is being updated as information is available.

Is there support or training available for instructional technology?

YES, there are tutorials, self-paced training, live training, instant chat services, and an entire team waiting to assist you. Please visit the CETL webpage for more information.

How do I set up and use Zoom?

Please visit the CETL webpage for all questions concerning Zoom.

I heard it is difficult to work in Canvas?

There is a learning curve for those who are not familiar with learning management systems, but there is help available. Please visit the CETL webpage for more information.

Is there someone I can call to get help with technology tools (Zoom, Canvas, etc.)?

Yes, there is a COVID19 Keep Teaching team that is ready to help answer questions, share resources, and support you. Team members are listed on the CETL COVID19 Keep Teaching webpage along with contact information.

Where do I go if I'm interested in performing a live Zoom session from a classroom or record a session to make available for students?

Although Zoom instruction and recordings can easily be facilitated at home with the aid of a computer, camera, microphone, and speakers; Central campus rooms 440, 105, and 102 have been setup for general Zoom classroom broadcast and recording. There is a dedicated computer, flat panel television, camera, and microphone available. Instructors with a Zoom account will need to login to the computer and sign in to zoom..

Is tech support available?

Both the technology and instructional technology departments are available to assist with any technical questions or assistance you may need. Remote access software also provides a way to assist even when you are working off campus.

To request assistance please submit a service ticket or send an email to

What do I do about students who do not attend/participate in the online course?

Students are expected to participate and submit work as with any other online or face to face course. If students are not participating, you should attempt to contact the student, and you can use the early alert system to notify the college to reach out.

What do I do about students who are sick or hospitalized?

Students who miss class or are not participating due to illness need to make sure that their instructor knows of their situation. Instructors may require a doctor's note for extended class absence (for example they have not participated or logged onto Canvas for an extended period). Instructors should work with students who have missed class time to make up the work.

What do I do if students need additional time to complete the course?

If, due to illness, a student is not able to complete the course by the end of the semester, a grade of "I" (incomplete) can be given. Students with an "I" have one semester to make up the missing work. Instructors should work with students who receive an incomplete to develop a plan to make up the work.

What do I do if I become sick and can't administer the class?

If you become ill and are not be able to complete a course, contact your division coordinator as early as possible so that arrangements can be made for the students.

Division Name Email
Arts/Humanities Annie Rankin
Business Jeff Tumbleson
Life Sciences Dr. Bill Henry
Physical Sciences/Math Russ Clark
Social Science Jody Bishop
Technical Courses Dr. Jeff Montgomery
CCP Coordination Dr. JR Roush
Administration Dr. Nicole Roades