Distinguished Teaching Award

Overview and Eligibility


One of the hallmarks of a climate for excellence in two-year colleges is the recognition and reward of excellence in teaching. Southern State Community College established the Distinguished Teaching Award to recognize teaching excellence by its faculty. One award will be given annually. Recipients who receive an award are invited to serve on the Southern State committee for the following year.


To be eligible for the Distinguished Teaching Award, nominees must currently teach at Southern State Community College.

Selection Process

Once nominations are received the selection committee reviews each nominee, conducts interviews and classroom observations as deemed appropriate, and selects up to five finalists.

The Selection Committee selects one Distinguished Teaching Award recipient and their name is announced by the President during the Spring Commencement Faculty dinner.

For further information contact Sue Lewis at slewis12@live.sscc.edu

Nomination Process

Any student, group of students, employee, or Alumni of Southern State Community College may nominate faculty, adjunct or full time, for the Distinguished Teaching Award. The nominator(s) must complete the survey and submit it to the selection committee. When taking the survey please answer the questions explaining why you believe the nominee is a Southern State Community College distinguished Teacher. Please describe how the nominee demonstrates each of the distinguished teaching criteria. These criteria, which have direct impact on the quality of instruction in the classroom, laboratory, and/or clinical settings, are as follows:

  • Knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject matter
  • Establishment of good rapport with students
  • The instructor is committed to student success
  • Instructor demonstrates organization, preparedness, and use of class time
  • The use of a variety of instructional methods and materials in support of student learning

Each response should be limited to no more than 150 words.

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