The new system provides a central location to its users to access payroll, manage teams, update personnel information, post jobs, and hire employees.

Additionally, the system will streamline the hiring process, as well as administering benefits and paying employees, by integrating them into one system.

Key benefits for Southern State include consistent processes and roles, the ability to leverage training and resources, reduction in duplicate entry, and improved access and security.

  • Allows employees to manage their personal information directly via the employee self-service portal
  • Align with the new Adjunct pay structure to allow for improved recruiting, hiring and retention of Adjunct employees
  • Elimination of manual paperwork, changes will be made in real time
  • W2s will be available electronically, eliminating the need to wait for them to be mailed
  • Changes to marital status
  • Benefit enrollment

Another great benefit is that this new software will allow for us to better track the working hours of part-time employees, thus opening up the opportunity for us to utilize part-time employees more efficiently and allowing them to work in multiple positions. This will allow them to maximize their earning potential, as well as helping us fill areas that are short-handed with the resources and employees we already have.

  • MyEconnect improves payroll processing efficiency and provides employees and supervisors with up-to-date information about hours worked and available leave balances. Employees will no longer need to fax, email or hand-deliver time cards. Instead, a user-friendly online system is what most will use.

Why the change?

As the higher education industry changes and steps are taken to stay competitive, it's important that we have systems and processes in place, to ensure our employees are taken care of. MyEconnect brings together various processes, to make your life easier, and ensure you get paid correctly & on time.

Download the App

Download the DayForce HCM app from the App Store or Google Play.

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Please Note: To access DayForce HCM, please use Internet Explorer or FireFox. Other browsers, such as Chrome, are not supported and functionality will be limited. If you experience technical difficulties related to the browser or Microsoft Silverlight, please call the IT Helpdesk at x2800.