GED Scholarship Application

Select only one.  If applying for both, you must complete two applications and attach a copy of your GED to each.

________    Trustee GED Honors Scholarship    Application deadline is June 1.

________    Trustee GED Scholarship


Application Procedure:

Adult Basic and Literacy Education Office
Southern State Community College
100 Hobart Drive
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

General Data


Street Address

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Social Security Number   Birth Date    

Academic Data

ABLE Program  

Instructor Date of GED

Major at SSCC

SSCC degree being pursued

Associate of Arts  (transfer-first two years of a four-year program)

Associate of Science (transfer-first two years of a four-year program)

Associate of Applied Business (technical--two-year program)

Associate of Applied Science (technical--two-year program)

Work Experience

List your present and previous employers, dates of employment, and a brief job description for each.

Personal Statement

Use this space to provide information about career goals, background, and any other information which would assist the committee in judging eligibility for a scholarship.


I authorize the release of all information to the Scholarship Committee. If I am awarded a scholarship, I agree to abide to all conditions of the scholarship and I give permission to Southern State Community College to release information to any appropriate agency.

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