The Importance of Flu Vaccines

Dr. Malia Harper, Medical Director of Workplace Wellbeing, Executive Health and Corporate Health at TriHealth, shares her expertise with flu vaccines. The traditional flu shot is the most popular. However, other options are available such as flu mist, Flublok (an egg-free alternative) and a flu shot specifically for those 65 years and older.

Flu Vaccines in Review:

Why should I get the Flu Vaccine every year?

A flu vaccine is recommended each year for optimal protection and because the vaccine is updated each season.

Where can I get a Flue Vaccine?

Go to to find out where you can get your flu vaccine.

Who should get the Flu Vaccine?

It is recommended for anyone six months and older.

How long does it take to provide immunity?

It takes three weeks for our bodies to develop antibodies for the flu.

When should I get the Flu Vaccine?

The ideal time to get your flu vaccine is October.