Mental Health & Wellbeing

Counseling Resources links Southern State students experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, suicide, relationship problems, or other mental health needs with information and contacts to local professional counselors.

Remember, whatever you're going through today, help is available.


The Ohio Program for Campus Safety and Mental Health understands that the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is having a major impact on colleges and universities in our state and throughout the nation. As our state leadership has made some drastic decisions, we are in agreement that these decisions are vital and necessary for the safety of everyone. The Ohio Program for Campus Safety and Mental Health is also in agreement with national recommendations for maintaining mental health during this pandemic. Please see below for recommendations, guidelines and tips that we thought would be important to share.

The Jed Foundation (JED) Recommendations:

  • The Child Mind Institute has published a resource on how to talk to young people about COVID-19.
  • The American College Health Association has created a guide to help college health staff and campus administrators address COVID-19 on campus.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has information on travel, media resources, and other research on COVID-19.
  • Anxiety and Depression Association of America Psychologist Jelena Kecmanovic provides some science-based strategies and tips for coping with COVID-19 anxiety.

Tips and resources related to mental health and social distancing/isolation:

The CDC offers many helpful links as our nation navigates this virus:

TED Talks:

In addition, we invite you to view The Ohio Program for Campus Safety & Mental Health 2018-2020 recorded webinars via their YouTube channel. We also encourage you to engage in self-care, manage your media exposure, and stay connected with resources and networks.