Greetings! I am Jon Davidson, a mathematics professor at Southern State Community College since 1991. I am also the area coordinator for physical sciences and, unofficially, resident composer.

My primary campus is Central Campus in Hillsboro, and cyberspace when teaching online courses.

My e-mail is My phone extension is 2648, but it will be easier to reach me by e-mail this year since most of my classes are online.

Online Classes

If you are taking an online class from me this fall and have not yet contacted me, please do so now by e-mail: This is important so that you can start on time.

Below are links to web sites with videos I have recorded for certain classes, including those I teach online:

Math 118 Intermediate Algebra

Math 124 Finite Math

Math 135 Allied Health Math

Math 141 College Algebra

Math 160 Statistical Concepts

Math 230 Differential Equations

E-mail addresses:

Office: Room 400, Central

Phone extension: 2648

Fax: 1-801-409-8785

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