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What better way to begin your career than an on-the-job internship or co-op! Ohio Means Internships & Co-Ops is a great opportunity for students, graduates and employers.

The program seeks out individuals who are motivated, engaged and studying in "high demand" areas such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation, automotive, bio-health, business functions, energy, financial services, food processing, information technology and services, and polymer and chemicals. Internships and co-ops are often paid experiences.



To participate in an internship or co-op, students must:

  • Submit weekly feedback forms to the college and will also have evaluations with both the employer and the department faculty member;
  • Commit at least 400 hours total; and
  • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher.

Southern State Co-Op & Internship Programs

In partnership with leading employers, Southern State Community College is pleased to offer our co-op and internship programs that will provide an opportunity to build relevant experience through co-op and internship programming. These custom designed degrees are tailored to provide students with a competitive advantage among the country's premier employers. The co-op track option offers students the opportunity to receive focused academic instruction alongside real-world application.

Search for Positions

Discover career profiles, search for available internships or post your resume so that employers can find you at:


Grants provided through Ohio Means Internships & Co-Ops can help assist you with the pay and benefits for students.


To provide an internship or co-op, employers must:

  • Provide a job description;
  • Complete an application;
  • Complete a mid-term and final evaluation; and
  • Submit invoices.

Post a Position

You can post open job positions and search for qualified students at:


If you have any questions about applying for or posting an internship or co-op, we’d love to assist!