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SharedWork Ohio

Southern State Community College is planning to participate in the The SharedWork Ohio program. The SharedWork Ohio program helps prevent layoffs by allowing employers to uniformly reduce affected employees' hours by 10 to 50 percent while permitting the employees to receive a prorated unemployment benefit. For full details please view the SharedWork Ohio Guide. On this page we have compiled resources and FAQs regarding the program.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Human Resources at

When to Apply

You can apply for benefits once you receive an email from the College letting you know that your hours have been reported and you can file your claim.

How to Apply

File online at (accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Limited service may be available while the system is being updated nightly. Check the website for available services. Be sure to follow the prompts given.

If you do not have Internet access, please call 1-866-733-0025, select option 3 for SharedWork Ohio, then select option 1 to file an application (business hours are 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday, except holidays).

The system will recognize you as a SharedWork Ohio applicant based on your Social Security Number. The system will prepopulate the employer account and your reason for separation as "Still Employed." Please do not change this answer.

After filing you may receive a request for more information from Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. Use this Employee How To Guide for guidance in answering the follow-up questions.

What Information is Needed

You should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Social Security number and either your driver's license or state ID number;
  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address;
  • The name, address, telephone number, and dates of your employment with each employer for whom you worked during the past 6 weeks of employment;
  • If you had out-of-state employment within the past 18 months, the name, address, telephone number, and dates of your employment for each employer with whom you worked out of state during the past 18 months;
  • If you were separated from military service with any branch of the U.S. armed forces within the past 18 months, your discharge papers (form DD-214, member 4);
  • If you were employed by the federal government within the past 18 months, the SF-8 and/or SF-50 form given to you by your government employer at the time of your separation;
  • Dependents' names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth, including your spouse's;
  • Alien Registration Number and the expiration date of your work authorization (if you are not a U.S. citizen or National);
  • Direct Deposit Information (if preferred, you will need your bank routing number and account number).
Who do I call to reset my pin or if I have questions?

ODJFS Adjudication and UI Delivery Center Locations and Contact Information

Below is a listing of ODJFS Adjudication and UI Delivery Center locations and contact information. You can also download a PDF version of this location list.

Social Security # Range
(based on last 4 digits)
Location Phone Number
0000-0765 Cleveland Adjudication Center 1-866-576-0006
0766-1942 Akron UI Delivery Center 1-866-768-0022
1943-2649 Lorain UI Delivery Center 1-866-849-0029
2650-4121 Toledo UI Delivery Center 1-800-589-2799
4122-4710 Chillicothe Adjudication Center 1-866-244-0399
4711-6005 Marietta Adjudication Center 1-866-867-0044
6006-7182 Youngstown Adjudication Center 1-866-221-0558
7183-7477 Dayton UI Delivery Center 1-866-541-0187
7478-7701 Interstate and Federal 1-866-217-0008
7702-8360 Columbus UI Delivery Center 1-866-217-0008
8361-9999 Lima Adjudication Center 1-866-272-0118
0000-9999 Columbus Adjudication Center
(Interstate & Federal Claims)

You can also contact the Centers by mail at P.O. Box 182212, Columbus, OH 43218-2212 or by FAX at 1-614-466-7449.

On any mailed and/or faxed correspondence, please include: claimant's FULL name, claimant ID and/or the last 4 digits of the SSN.

What Next?

Once your application has been filed, you will receive additional information.

To file for weekly benefits, visit or call 1-866-733-0025, select option 3 for SharedWork Ohio, then select option 1 to claim weeks.

Your employer will notify you once weeks are filed on your behalf and available for your certification.


Who is eligible for SharedWork Ohio benefits?

In order to receive SharedWork Ohio benefits, you must meet certain unemployment insurance eligibility requirements. For example:

  • You must have earned enough wages and worked at least 20 weeks in "covered employment," for an employer that paid unemployment taxes.
  • If you have an existing unemployment claim, you must have a balance remaining.
  • You must not be otherwise disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits. For example, you must not have unresolved suspensions, or have been fired by a previous employer for dishonesty during the last 15 months.
  • While your hours will be reduced, you must be available to work with your SharedWork Ohio employer up to your normal weekly hours per week (the same hours you worked before the SharedWork Ohio plan went into effect).

Unlike regular unemployment benefits, with SharedWork Ohio you do not need to apply for other jobs. You will receive your first SharedWork Ohio benefit one week after beginning the program, unless you already have served a waiting week on a current unemployment claim.

How will my SharedWork Ohio benefit be calculated?

If you are eligible, you will receive a portion of the amount you would have received if you had been laid off from your SharedWork Ohio employer. For example, if you had been laid off from a 40-hour-a-week job and your weekly unemployment benefit would have been $200, but your employer instead reduced your hours by 20 percent under a SharedWork Ohio plan, you would be eligible to receive 20 percent of $200, or $40. If you have multiple jobs, you will need to provide the hours worked for all non-SharedWork Ohio employers. The non-SharedWork Ohio hours will be factored into your SharedWork Ohio benefit and could affect your eligibility for benefits.

What happens during a temporary shutdown?

When they submit a SharedWork Ohio plan for approval, employers are required to inform ODJFS of any temporary shutdowns for equipment maintenance or similar circumstances. During shutdowns, SharedWork Ohio benefits will be unavailable to you; however, you may be eligible for total or partial unemployment benefits for that week(s). During shutdowns, you won't have to wait for your employer to file on your behalf. You may file online or by phone as soon as the week is over.

Will working a second or part-time job affect my weekly SharedWork Ohio benefit?

Yes. Any work with another employer or self-employment will affect the amount of SharedWork Ohio benefits you are eligible to receive. For example, if you worked 40 hours a week for your SharedWork Ohio employer and your hours were reduced by 8, you would be eligible for 20 percent of the full weekly unemployment benefit that you would have been eligible for if you had been laid off. However, if you worked 4 additional hours that week for another employer, your total hours worked would be 36. In that case, you would be eligible for only 10 percent of a full weekly unemployment benefit amount.

How long am I eligible for benefits under SharedWork Ohio?

It varies. However, SharedWork Ohio plans typically remain in effect for 52 weeks unless the plan is terminated or the participating employee is no longer eligible.

Can I receive SharedWork Ohio benefits if my hours are reduced less than 10 percent or more than 50 percent of my normal hours?

No. However, if your hours are reduced by more than 50 percent, you may be able to receive total or partial unemployment benefits.

How will SharedWork Ohio benefits affect my income taxes?

Any unemployment benefits, including SharedWork Ohio benefits, are subject to federal income tax. You may choose to have federal income taxes withheld from your benefits.

What if I have a question about SharedWork Ohio?

If you have questions, call (866) 733-0025, option 3, or email at

FAQs Specific to SSCC

Can adjustments to SharedWork Ohio plans be made after the plans are implemented?

Yes. The SharedWork Plan can be adjusted, or even cancelled at any time. Please remember that the reductions are prepared to address a 20% decrease in state funding and an uncertain enrollment decline of 15% for fall enrollment. If our state cut is less than 20% and/or our enrollment numbers come in stronger than a 15% decline, I would anticipate adjusting the SharedWork Plan by restoring work hours as the budget would then allow. We simply don't know the extent of our state's budget reduction right now and we have been informed that we may not even know that until mid-June or even after. The new budget year begins July 1.

Will full-time, non-union staff receive any assurance (written preferred) that their salaries will return to previous levels by the start of FY22?

Please consider this official written assurance. SharedWork Plans are limited to a duration of one year, so at the end of that period, if not before, all affected employees will return to their former number of work hours and hourly/salaried rate. That said, one thing this pandemic has reinforced is that the future is nearly impossible to predict. If the College would face dire financial hardship due to continuation of COVID-19 or other calamities, other steps would need to be taken at that time.

Will staff have the opportunity to respond to the decisions that were made and ask questions in a larger forum (such as an all-college meeting)?

Several questions were asked at the All-College meeting on May 11 when all of these reductions were announced. If you did not attend that meeting, or simply want to revisit the information, a recorded version can be found below and begins at about 4:12 into the recording.

Of course, meetings aren't the only vehicle for asking a question. I'm always available by email and respond promptly.

Given that work hours will be reduced, some tasks will either not be completed or will be completed to a lesser extent. Will leadership be open to departments making strategic decisions to prioritize work tasks to ensure essential duties get done?

It is my expectation that all employees work with their supervisors to do just that.

Does the four-day work week mean that campuses will be closed on Friday or does it mean that individual work schedules will be adjusted with campuses remaining open Monday thru Friday?

Our current thinking is that campus operations and office hours will generally be conducted Monday through Thursday each week. Campuses, however, may remain open on Fridays for limited activities and classes offered by partner institutions. Employees essential to those activities would then have the opportunity to take another day off during that week.

Are members of the President's leadership team also subject to the work week hours and salary reductions?

Yes, to both. Like many of you, their single greatest challenge will be to limit their work week to four days, but that is my clear expectation of them. In the midst of these reductions in both livelihood and time to get work accomplished, it is my hope that everyone find some joy in having this additional time off. As I said in the All-College meeting, I'm not asking everyone to make lemonade out of the lemons. I truly understand this is a significant ask. I also don't know what reasonable alternative we have, right now anyway.

Do the salary reductions also apply to the President?

Yes. Let me elaborate, because I've heard some misinformation about this. To be clear, I am not eligible to participate in the SharedWork Ohio plan and its associated unemployment benefit. I have, however, asked the Board of Trustees to amend my current employment contract to eliminate $64,400 in compensation during the term of my contract, whether or not financial conditions improve. My amended contract would end June 30, 2022 if approved.

Are full-time, non-union staff expected to work beyond their respective 32-hour work week schedules? Is there a prohibition against working beyond the 32 hour work week schedule (such as with a furlough)? Do the responses to these questions apply equally to both exempt and non-exempt staff members?

No one is expected, encouraged, or asked to work beyond the 32 weekly hours, exempt and non-exempt alike. The actual prohibition is strengthened through the regular unemployment reporting of hours worked. If one works beyond the 32 hours, the unemployment benefit is forfeited.

Do I have to apply for the unemployment benefits? What if I want to retain my outside job?

Employees are not required to apply for the unemployment benefits, but must participate in the reduced number of work hours. Employees who have outside work opportunities can choose to continue those and forego the unemployment benefits.

When will we find out more about how to apply for the unemployment benefits and what kind of assistance will be available to us?

The first step of this process is to submit an application to participate in the SharedWork Ohio Plan with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The college has done so, and once approved by the Department, we will communicate specific steps to apply for the benefit. There is an on-line enrollment process. Again, we do not plan to implement this program until July 1, so there should be ample time.

Once we begin to re-open operations, are you requiring employees to bring in documentation for compromised immune system to continue working from home when folks are back on campus?

Southern State is continuing to honor the request of any employee to work from home without requiring documentation. This is a decision, not only out of concern for the health of our employees, but in consideration of the concerns expressed by our employees who have a vulnerable family member at home who may also be exposed through an employee returning to the workplace.