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Workshops for Water & Wastewater Operators


Ultraviolet Disinfection Training Workshop


This workshop investigates the latest UV disinfection techniques and applications for both potable and wastewaters. Through the use of superb interactive and text and graphics, operations personnel explore the advantages of UV systems compared to typical chemical disinfection systems like Chlorine or Ozone. Learn why the latest research suggest low-dose UV may be very effective at controlling Giardian and Cryptosporidium in potable waters, define and examine what UV is, how does it differs versus other oxidizer based disinfection systems, understand the disadvantages. Review appropriate applications, in community and non-community potable waters and wastewaters. If there is an alternative to chlorine, learn why UV may be the low cost choice for installation, operation, and maintenance.

Learning Objectives

  • Define how ultraviolet systems work and outline the differences with traditional chemical disinfection.
  • Describe how to apply ultraviolet technology in large, and small water/wastewater systems.
  • Design a simple ultraviolet system, by outlining basic water quality, hydraulic, and applications requirements.
  • Describe the advantages, disadvantages and cost factors of typical ultraviolet systems.

Please Note!

The Ohio EPA now requires all attendees to have their Core Person ID Number with them to sign in on the day of attendance. Certification of attendance to the Ohio EPA cannot be sent without this number.

Workshop Details

  • Instructor — Mike Harrington, C.E.T.
  • Ohio EPA approval number — OEPA-B88314168-OM
  • SSCC course number — ENRC 622 ZO1
  • LocationHighland County Water Company (6686 U.S. Route 50, Hillsboro, OH)
  • Date — Tuesday, October 23, 2018
  • Time — 8:30am – 4:00pm (one hour lunch and a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon)
  • Total Hours — 6 Contact Hours
  • Cost — $109 (light breakfast, lunch, & snacks for each day will be included in price)
  • Contact — For more info, contact Kim Fitzpatrick at 800.628.7722 x4684.
  • Registration Form


There are three ways to register for these workshops:

  • By mail – complete the Registration Form and return it with your registration fee no later than September 19, to SSCC, PO Box 880, Hillsboro OH 45133. Checks should be made payable to Southern State Community College.
  • By phone – call 800.628.7722 x4684, and provide your credit card number or purchase order number and billing address.
  • By email – send an email containing your registration information to Kim Fitzpatrick at