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Android Wi-Fi Access

Wanting to Connect to SSCC Wi-Fi using an Android Operating System? The information below will help you get access and log on.

SSCC_STUDENT – Connection for SSCC Students using their personal devices

Step 1 - Settings

In order to connect to the SSCC Network via Wi-Fi, first select the settings icon.

Then select Connections.


Android Setting Menu

Step 2 - Connections

Next you will need to select Wi-Fi from the connections menu.


Android Connections Menu

Step 3 - Select Wi-Fi Connection

Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on by sliding the button at the top to the right, it should appear blue.

Next on the list of Wi-Fi connections select SSCC_STUDENT

Android Wi-Fi Menu

Step 4 - Connect

Select Connect when the pop up window appears

Note: You are not actually connected because your connection is not authenticated.

Androic Connect Pop-up Window

Step 5 - Authentication

A browser will automatically open to authenticate your login, if the browser doesn't automatically open you will have to open a browser and the authentication screen will appear.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your SSCC User Name (full email address) and Password, then click Sign In. (Use the same credentials as MyELearn or MyRecords)

You are now connected to SSCC Wi-Fi!

Android Athentication Screen

Please note: When you leave campus you will be automatically disconnected from SSCC Wi-Fi, and when you return you will have to connect again.

*Disclaimer – Please note the above instructions are for informational purposes only and were developed based on general options found within the specific operating system platform. Your personal device may present additional steps or settings based on custom configurations, changes you have made, or software updates beyond our control. Southern State Community College will not be held responsible for changes or damages that may occur as a result of following these instructions. (8/25/2017)