National Engineering Week

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SSCC celebrates National Engineering Week, join us and meet with engineering faculty, tour the engineering lab, and discuss engineering options.

Event Details

  • When — February 20-23, 2018 | 12-2 PM
  • Where — SSCC Central Campus
  • Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day - February 22
  • Enjoy snacks, games, "fun freebies" and more!

Why Study Engineering...

  • 2018 Southern State Art Show
  • Meet Dawn
  • "Building, designing, painting, and drawing are big passions of mine. When I first discovered Southern State's Computer Assisted Design Program, I honestly was not sure what it was, but decided to give it a try since it included many of the skills I loved to do, Now enrolled in my second semester, I have come to love the program and all of the work that goes with it."
  • -Dawn Pollock
  • 2018 Southern State Art Show
  • Meet Courtney
  • "I grew up around all men basically, so I was always in the garage helping fix whatever it was that they were working on. My grandfathers and step-brother work in the aviation field, which sparked my interest. I became enrolled in SSCC's Aviation Maintenance program and love it! My goal is to be able to work on private aircrafts and relocate to California to start my career."
  • -Courtney Ridenour
  • 2018 Southern State Art Show
  • Meet Tiffany
  • "As a current technician at a local engineering facility, I wanted the opportunity for career advancement within the company. I decided to enroll in the Electro-Mechanical Engineering program at Southern State to increase my knowledge of engineering. Engineering is the field for anyone who loves technology! There are so many different paths to take."
  • -Tiffany Brownlee
  • 2018 Southern State Art Show
  • Meet Brandon
  • "When I was 15, I helped re-wire an old 1979 Ford F100 that had a possible 'short' in the wiring system. This experience, in all its detail, sparked my interest in electronics. I plan to not only obtain my Electrical/Electronics Degree from Souther, but also earn the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Degree as well. Earning the double 'EE' title will allow me to be more versatile in my career."
  • -Brandon Burke