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Summer Science Sessions

Summer Science Sessions Banner

Southern State Community College, in partnership with Laurel Oaks Career Campus, is excited to be offering learning opportunities in Wilmington at the Laurel Oaks Campus for students in grades 6 - 12!

Event Details

  • Location — Laurel Oaks Career Campus | 300 Oak Drive, Wilmington
  • Cost — $130 per student to attend.
    Students can pay an additional $4 (per day) to cover their lunch or bring a packed lunch daily.
  • Registration — To register, call Kim Fitzpatrick at 937-382-6645 x4684.
  • For full details view the Summer Science Sessions Flyer

Dates & Times:

Designed for students entering grades 6-8

Designed for students entering grades 9-12

Course Descriptions:

Build your own Delta Dart | 6-8 Grade

Learn how to build your very own Delta Dart fying machine. Math and science principles are explored, all while learning about simple machines and how they work. The sky really is the limit during this session and students will get to take home their very own Delta Dart creation at the conclusion of this class!

You be the Pilot | 6-12 Grade

Got a drone? If not, donít worry. Students will get their very own drone to fly during this session – and the best part.... They can KEEP IT after the class. Students will take aim at the sky to practice basic drone operation and maneuvering. Once flying skills are mastered, students will take part in a competitive drone-flying race through an obstacle course. The winner will receive a must-have prize!

Bottle Rocket Blast Off | 6-8 Grade

3... 2... 1 - Blastoff! During this action packed workshop, students will use a bottle rocket launcher to launch their very own bottle rocket creation. Learn how to load the rocket with water and pressurized air, make several launches, and find out what makes rockets soar the highest will also be explored.

Sheet Metal Projects | 9-12 Grade

Working with sheet metal isn't difficult - if you have the right tools. All it takes to make a unique creation is some basic tools, a pair of tin snips, and a metal brake, all of which students will have access to during this two-day workshop. A variety of easy patterns will be available to choose from, or students can bring their own ideas to create something that is practical and long-lasting.

*Off Campus Tours | 6-12 Grade

Students will have the opportunity to visit/tour three places during the week-long summer science activities:

  • AMES (Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services)
  • The Control Tower
  • National Museum of the US Air Force – the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world – located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton, Ohio.

For more information on these classes view the Summer Science Sessions Flyer.