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The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to represent the student population on all campuses by pursuing social, political, academic and administrative initiatives of interest to our student body.

In addition, the SGA shall act as a liaison between the student body and the college administration, the overall college community and other individuals and organizations. The ultimate task of the SGA is to address the needs, problems and concerns of the student body and to carefully listen to suggestions from the student body, faculty and administration.

Become a Member

To become a member of SGA, simply complete the interest form and email it to You will receive a return email with eligibility status.

Run for Office

To become an SGA officer, you must be elected. Elections are held in the spring each year. Only students are permitted to vote and will receive an emailed link to participate in elections.

Complete and submit the candidate application if you’d like to run for office. Office positions to apply for are: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Be sure to read the SGA Officers’ Responsibilities to learn more about each position. Eligibility requires that each officer maintain a 2.8 GPA or higher and six credit hours during fall and spring. An officer’s elected term is for one year.

After the new academic year begins, the newly elected president appoints senators. They must maintain a GPA of 2.0.

Meeting Schedule

There are currently no scheduled meetings. Stay tuned!

Current & Upcoming Events

Events coming soon!

Past Events & Fundraisers

2016 New Student Orientation

2016 New Student Orientation

2016 New Student Orientation

2016 New Student Orientation

Swearing in of the 2015 SGA Officers

New SGA Officers

9-11 Remembrance Day Ceremony

Jordan and Connie at the Remembrance Day Ceremony

 Connie Speaking at the Remembrance Day Ceremony

Retreat 2015–16

The river at the Members Retreat

The river at the Members Retreat 2

The landscape at the Members Retreat

Dinner Table at the Members Retreat

Table of Branded SSCC items at the Members Retreat

Members at Dinner at the Members Retreat

Members at Dinner at the Members Retreat 2

Members at the Members Retreat

Members at the Members Retreat 2

Members at the Members Retreat 3

Members at the Members Retreat 4

Retreat 2014–15

SGA Members at Retreat

SGA Poster at Members Retreat

The annual SGA Retreat is a mandatory "kick-off" meeting for SGA members right before fall term begins. The year’s budget and events are planned as well as team building skills are practiced.

SGA Scholarship

Paul Harlow, Thomas Kent, BG Prater (Recipient), George Martin, and Dr. Nicole Roades BG Prater (center) was named the first recipient of the SSCC Student Government Association scholarship. Presenting the award are (l-r) Paul Harlow, Thomas Kent, Prater, George Martin and Dr. Nicole Roades. Click to read the full press release.

This scholarship, funded by the annual Discount Card campaign, is a fundraising priority for the SGA to support student achievement among continuing Southern State students. Deserving second-year students with a minimum 3.5 GPA can apply for this scholarship to offset their tuition and related college expenses at Southern State. Applicants should be in good standing academically and be prepared to submit an essay describing the importance of student leadership within the college setting. Awards will be based on fund availability.