Telepresence Devices

Central Campus Reservation & Usage Agreement Form

When checking out a device, the user must agree to the following:

  • Use of the device is primarily for educational purposes.
  • The equipment will be returned to the Library, or other designated charging location, at the end of the allotted two hours.
  • When a device is checked out, the individual doing so assumes responsibility for that property.
  • Any malfunctions or damage must be reported to Library staff at the time the device is returned.
  • Users must operate device in a quiet location. All noises emanating from the user’s location will be transferred, and may disturb the campus environment.
  • Users should always be aware of their virtual telepresence locations and interactions to ensure the session is not impacted by circumstances arising from their physical location.
  • Users engaged in telepresence activities on campus will be considered legally present and therefore subject to rules and regulations outlined in SSCC’s Student Catalog (including the Student Code of Conduct and Alcohol and Drug Policy) and/or Policy and Information Manual as well as all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.