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Southern State Community College

Telepresence Devices

SSCC is launching a new mobile telepresence initiative allowing users to connect virtually on the college's Central Campuses. This experience places users at the controls of an interactive robot from any location in the world with an Internet connection. Operators are free to move around campus at will, interact with people, and even attend a class or meeting from a remote location.

Follow these steps in order to reserve a mobile telepresence session:

  • View the necessary technology requirements needed to operate the device from your location - Click User Setup tab
  • Select the Checkout tab and fill out the Reservation & Usage Agreement Form.
  • Receive the confirmation email from the Library and verify it matches your selected date and time.
  • Download and install the app or software program necessary to interface with the telepresence device
  • Fill out the Student Pre-Survey
  • Connect to the device 15 minutes before your session is scheduled to start and follow verbal instructions from Library staff while testing your connection, equipment, and clarify any additional questions.

    *Note: When you login to the Beam application two devices will be available, make sure to select the device listed in your confirmation email.
  • After using the telepresence device fill out the Student Post-Survey
Beam Robot