Office Information Technology

OFIT 1106 – Keyboarding Techniques I

3 credits

In this course, students will master the computer keyboard by touch for personal use or in preparation for work in a business setting. Students will learn proper keyboarding techniques while keying alphabetic, numeric and 10-key numeric keypad characters. Students will complete activities online, where drills will facilitate learning the keyboard and developing speed and accuracy. In addition, students will use Microsoft Word 2013 to demonstrate basic level production formatting of emails, memos, business correspondence, tables, business reports, manuscripts and research papers.

OFIT 1107 – Keyboarding Techniques II

3 credits | Prerequisite: OFIT 1106 or touch keyboarding speed of at least 40 words a minute (WAM) for ten minutes with five or fewer uncorrected errors and basic ability to format business correspondences, tables, reports and manuscripts using Word 2013

This course further develops keyboarding skills and emphasizes the efficient production of correctly formatted email, memos, business correspondence, tables, business reports, manuscripts, research papers, graphics and imagery, business publications and legal and medical documents using Microsoft Word 2010. Composition and decision-making skills related to prioritizing actions are developed through the use of in-basket projects.

OFIT 1130 – Word Processing I (MOS 77-418)

3 credits

This is a beginning word processing course using adopted Microsoft Word release edition. The course will focus on creating, formatting, editing, saving, retrieving and printing documents using word processing software. Included in the course will be maintenance and customization of documents, creating and formatting tables and enhancing documents with special features in preparation for MOS Certification.

OFIT 2231 – Windows 7

3 credits

This course will provide an understanding of Windows Operating System basics as it pertains to files, folders, programs, desktop customization, adding software and hardware, troubleshooting and repair, security, and sharing of information.

OFIT 2232 – Introduction to Business Management

3 credits

This class introduces the student to the fundamentals of business. Special emphasis is placed on business in the global economic environment, organization and management, operations and technology and personal finance management.

OFIT 2236 – Desktop Publishing & Office Applications

3 credits

An overview of the purpose and description of desktop publishing covering basic layout and design capabilities using a hands-on approach on the computer. Students will be able to develop a portfolio of published assignments, desktop terminology and critiques of effective and poor design concepts in desktop communications. Included will be the understanding of the desktop publishing process, preparing internal documents, creating letterheads, business cards, personal documents, promotional documents, brochures, booklets, promotional documents and creating newsletters. The course will also include integration between the various office applications of Word, PowerPoint and Publisher.

OFIT 2240 – Organizational Communication

3 credits

This course covers effective communication techniques in business including concepts, perception, diversity, language, listening and responding, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, teamwork and supporting written communications techniques.

OFIT 2290 – Internship

3 credits | Prerequisite: completion of 25 credit hours in Office Information Technology program with minimum grade of "C" in each course

A supervised on or off-campus office work experience applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom or online learning experience. Fourteen hours of work per week is required for two credits. An on–campus seminar or online learning seminar will be included for one credit hour.

OFIT 2299 – Research Project

1–5 credits | Prerequisite: sophomore standing

An independent study in the area of office administration technology and office administration in a formal report, research paper, project or a combination of these. Selection of the area of study or project is made in consultation and approval of the instructor.