Patriot Campus Ministries

Southern State Patriot Campus Ministries

The purpose of Patriots Campus Ministries at SSCC is to be a diverse group of students, staff, and associate members who are committed to serving the SSCC campus by:

  • Sharing the knowledge of life in Christ Jesus with the SSCC community.
  • Providing opportunities for students to fellowship and connect with a diverse group of students and cultures.
  • Helping people in their relationship with Jesus Christ and providing them with training for victorious Christian living, leadership, and excellence.
  • Introducing its members to missions or ministry opportunities.
  • Making a positive impact on the SSCC campus by developing students, equipped with biblical solutions to contemporary problems, to serve every facet of the SSCC community and ultimately the world.

Become a Member

All persons may attend meetings of Patriots Campus Ministries. We welcome all people to come and hear the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to fellowship with us.

Southern State Patriot Campus Ministries has an open-door policy. All members of Southern State Community College as well as any interested persons outside of the campus, are welcome to attend any event. There are no "members" in the sense of meeting requirements or being accepted into membership. Southern State Patriot Campus Ministries was formed by Christians who agree in their belief that man's only access to God is through Jesus Christ and faith in His deity, His death as full payment for man's sins, and His resurrection. While this is the foundation for everything we do, those holding other beliefs are encouraged to attend.

Prayer Request

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