Student Consumer Information

The Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA), as amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), requires colleges and universities that participate in federal student financial aid programs to disclose certain information to current and prospective students and to college employees.

Academic Programs

A complete listing of the academic programs offered, description of facilities and listing of faculty may be found in the college Catalog. For all of our program options, visit Academics.

Accessibility Services

Reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities will be made. Religious Accommodation requests can also be made. Questions may be directed to Accessibility Services.


The names, addresses and phone numbers of associations, agencies or governmental bodies that accredit, approve or license the institution are found in the college Catalog. You may also contact any agency direct. For more information, visit Accreditation.

Annual Security Report

Annual security report information as defined in 34 CFR Sec.668.46 is distributed annually by October 1. This information is available at Annual Security Report, by contacting the Records Office, or by visiting Campus Crime Statistics.

Athletic Program Participation Rates & Financial Support Data

The SSCC eSports team competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). The teamís goal is to provide players the opportunity to express their competitiveness and passion for gaming while working to complete their degrees. Website:

Reporting Year 2022
Undergraduate Student Enrollment Statistics
(full-time certificate or degree-seeking)
Source: IPEDS 2022-23 Fall 2022 Enrollment data file
Female full-time: 198
Male full-time: 111
Sports: E-Sports Total number of participants (16) total participants
(4) Female
(12) Male
Athletic Staff
Coaching Staff: Head Coach
Coaching Staff: Asst. Coach

(1) Fulltime SSCC Employee - coaches part-time
(1) Fulltime SSCC Employee - coaches part-time
Expenses $2000 NJCAA eSports Membership Fee
$832 Operating/Game-Day Expenses
$7500 Coaching Staff
$0 Athletic Student Aid
Revenue SSCC General Fund

CARES Act Reporting

The CARES Act is federal legislation that was passed by the United States Congress in March 2020. It provides financial support to individuals and businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. View Southern State's Emergency Financial Aid Grant Reports on the CARES Act Reporting webpage.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance can be found in the college Catalog or at Tuition & Fees.

Early Childhood Education Annual Report

The goals, assurances, pass rate, program information, statement of approval for accreditation, and description of activities for the Early Childhood Education Program can be found in the 2023-24 Early Childhood Education Annual Report.

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid is available in the form of Scholarships, Grants & Loans and part–time employment as a Work Study. The Office of Financial Aid can provide individualized information. For more information about applying for federal student aid, visit Apply for Financial Aid.

Graduation Rates

Graduation rate information as defined in 34 CFR Sec. 668.45 is prepared annually by July 1. This information may be requested from the Records Office or by viewing the Graduation Rate Disclosure.

Net Price Calculator

This tool allows prospective students to calculate an estimated net price at Southern State using the following basic formula: price of attendance – (minus) grant aid. Based on the information entered by the student, an average net price of attendance is generated based on what similar students paid in the previous year. To use the tool, visit Estimate Your Cost.

Refund Policy

The policy indicates refund dates and percentage of refund. The policy may be found in the college Catalog or at Refund Policy.

Retention Rates

The institutionís retention rates measure the percentage of first-time students who return to the institution to continue their studies the following fall. The college's most recent reported retention rate is available by contacting the Records Office, by viewing the Fall to Fall Retention Rates of Southern State Community College, 2018-2022, or by visiting College Navigator.

Return of Title IV Monies

The policy for returning Title IV grant or loan monies may be found in the college Catalog or at Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

Rights under Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

Information concerning the review and/or disclosure of students educational records may be found in the college Catalog or at Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA).

Student Body Profile

The student body at Southern State consists of a diverse pool of individuals with equally diverse goals. For more details view the Student Body Profile.

Vaccination Policy

Southern State Community College does not have a policy requiring vaccinations for students or employees. However, vaccinations are required for students enrolled in Health Science programs as determined by the clinical sites. Students admitted into Health Science programs will receive specific vaccination requirements within their program acceptance information. Faculty in Health Science programs are required to have vaccinations completed per clinical facility requirements.

Voter Registration

All U.S. citizens are encouraged to exercise their right to vote. To do so, please ensure you are registered with your local Board of Elections. For Ohio voters, a copy of a voter registration form may be obtained at the Ohio Secretary of State site.

Withdrawal Procedures

The complete procedure to officially withdraw may be found in the college Catalog or at Withdrawing.