Mission & Strategic Vision

Southern State is committed to its mission to provide accessible, affordable and high quality education to people in southern Ohio. The college values honesty and integrity in all endeavors, tolerance for different ideas, respect for all individuals and excellence and creativity in the pursuit of knowledge.

Strategic Vision

Southern State's Strategic Vision

The college’s strategic vision represents a unifying guide toward fulfilling the college’s mission and living its values. Collaboratively, a vision to be Your First-Choice College has been cast. To do this, the college will:

  • 1. Be Your Best Investment — Whether it’s through student’s investment of tuition dollars, donor’s contributions toward scholarships or philanthropist’s long-term investment in the Foundation, Southern State wants to be a "best investment" institution. This involves demonstrating good stewardship and sound financial policies and practices in all that we do. It is not enough to accept tuition, grant monies, foundation investments, subsidy and the like without a genuine commitment and earnest effort to use those resources to serve the greater good.
  • 2. Create Synergy through Partnerships and Collaboration — As a college with a broad mission and operating in a unique geographic area, Southern State is well positioned to be a synergistic force. We seek to model agility and foresight in responsiveness to new opportunities while, at times, taking the lead in forming alliances that advance our mission and contribute to the vitality of our region. Further, we aim to contribute our talent, resources and energies toward being a good partner in all endeavors and promoting a collaborative spirit wherever we are represented.
  • 3. Be a Driving Force in Innovation and Technology — Innovation stretches beyond creativity or simply introducing something new and technology is often the catalyst in being truly innovative. Southern State desires to lead practices, processes and systems that are transformative, integrative and accelerate the pace of new ideas, new programs and new ways of doing things that will move us toward the vision. We seek to be technology pioneers yet selectively invest resources in the tools and systems that have the capacity to make the most meaningful impact for our students, our college and our community.
  • 4. Advance Student Success — Accessibility is the hallmark of our mission yet it is not enough to simply get students in the door—the president wants to shake their hand at the commencement ceremony. To achieve our vision, the college must demonstrate a service mentality across the campus and strive to anticipate the diverse needs represented by every student population. A holistic approach to retention that recognizes and addresses complex challenges can be a major catalyst in positioning students to fulfill their aspirations including degree attainment.
  • 5. Be the Best Place to Work — Doing work that makes a difference in people’s lives contributes to a meaningful work experience. Higher education changes lives and introduces prospects for positive futures. Being a part of such a compelling purpose can be motivating and exciting. Southern State, while not blind to common workplace issues, strives to be the best place for you to share your talents.
  • 6. Be a Dynamic and Flexible Organization — These times require active, lively, energetic, pliable and resilient behavior. Although easy to demonstrate these attributes at the individual level, Southern State seeks to model these attributes across the organization. Whether it’s responsiveness to academic program needs, partnering capacity with other organizations, re-engineering for student success or general quality enhancement efforts, Southern State seeks to be dynamic and flexible. We want to be on the cutting edge of designing and implementing strategies, processes and systems that improve quality, lead to better student outcomes, position us an indispensable partner and generally propel us toward our vision.