Mission & Strategic Plan

Southern State is committed to its mission to provide accessible, affordable and high quality education to people in southern Ohio. The college's strategic plan represents a unifying guide toward fulfilling the college's mission and living its values.

Strategic Plan

Southern State's Strategic Plan

Core Values

Accessibility – Easy to get to, enter, engage, and use. We will:

  • provide multiple locations (including campuses, high schools, off-site, and on-line)
  • remove barriers for our students
  • provide the tools and people to help students navigate college and meet with success

Community Engagement – Being a central contributor to our communities' successes. We will:

  • partner with employers, social agencies, local government and schools to contribute to a well-trained workforce
  • be responsive and pro-active in our communities
  • do our part in providing for a well-educated citizenry and strong community

Quality-driven – Motivated by the pursuit of excellence. We will:

  • ensure excellent academic programs that prepare students for life and the workforce
  • support academic excellence in our employment and business practices, continuous improvement process, and professional development efforts
  • provide transferable, meaningful, credible credentials

Personal Connection – One-on-one personal interaction. We will:

  • maintain a friendly, welcoming environment
  • demonstrate respect and concern for each individual
  • be friendly, helpful and professional
  • provide excellent student and customer focus

Unity – Instilling a culture that promotes a sense of safety, community, and place for all to have a voice. We will:

  • work together
  • maximize the strengths of being a community
  • be fair
  • respect the individual voice and give consideration to the thoughts of others
  • strive to understand and accept those beyond our own experience

Life-Enrichment – Providing a pathway to life-long learning. We will:

  • provide an affordable, accessible place to find or pursue your passion
  • meet students at various places throughout the life-span
  • provide opportunities for student activities and cultural enrichment