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Learning Services is committed to providing free, quality coaching assistance and resources necessary to ensure the academic success of all students by offering one-on-one mentoring, drop-in labs and online services on all campuses.

Academic success and a quality educational experience will improve your chances of completing your degree, and that will improve personal satisfaction, happiness and success in life. Use the Learning Services Registration button below or Contact us to begin improving the quality of your educational work!

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To receive Southern State's coaching services, you must complete the Learning Services Registration

You can submit the learning services registration application electronically or submit a printed copy to any faculty secretary or to Learning Services. Once the form is completed, you are eligible to utilize the coaching resources which include drop-in labs, one-on-one sessions and online coaching through Canvas.

Everyone learns and processes information differently. Some students like to see how a problem may be resolved while other students may prefer to be hands on when introduced to a subject. Ever wonder what your Learning Style is? Take this brief online Learning Style Questionnaire and you will discover which style works for you. Connect with a Learning Coach to learn more about your results and how to best utilize your learning styles and strengths.

Learning Services Staff

Our mission is to develop independent, responsible, lifelong-learners by promoting active learning, increasing student motivation and instilling confidence. The center strives to create an open, inviting atmosphere conducive to learning. Coaches will seek to identify learning styles and assist the student in developing sets of learning strategies which address their needs.

If you think coaching is about failure, think again! Learning Services offers students an opportunity for academic success. Use the available resources to:

  • assist with time management;
  • build and reinforce basic knowledge;
  • discover Southern State student support services;
  • identify learning styles and strategies;
  • improve grades and overall GPA;
  • develop & enhance mathematical skills
  • obtain feedback on written assignments;
  • prepare for exams and standardized tests;
  • receive assistance with formatting papers;
  • stay on top of coursework; and
  • tackle difficult concepts.

The staff of Learning Services are here to provide you with support and guidance. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have!

Peer Academic Mentors

Have a question about Canvas? Not sure where to go on campus for help? In addition to our professional Learning Coaches, we have a team of current students who can help you navigate Southern State and your classes. Our Peer Academic Mentors (PAM) can help with the following:

  • Math (up to Calculus)
  • Allied Health Math
  • Sign Language
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • IT/Tech questions
  • Paper formatting
  • Peer review of papers and presentations
  • Campus resources and navigation

PAM's are available at the Mt. Orab and Hillsboro campus and can meet at a variety of times throughout the week. Some virtual options exist as well.

Please reach out to Ryan Hall, Coordinator of Learning and Accessibility Services to be paired with a respective PAM. Ryan can be reached at 1.800.628.7722 extension 2604 or via email at rhall21@sscc.edu.

Math Videos

Dimensional Analysis Review


For more information or services, please complete and submit this form and we will get back with you as soon as we can!