Starting a New Student Club or Organization

Southern State Community College considers clubs and other student organizations an important asset to college life and encourages students to participate. Extra-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to enhance their educational experiences, make new friends, learn new skills, develop lifelong interests, and learn through practical experiences. For this reason, the College is committed to the provision of a comprehensive program of student activities of which student clubs and organizations are an important part.

On campus art exhibits, drama programs and musical concerts are presented by the department's representative of those disciplines. The extra-curricular and co-curricular life is as extensive as the students wish to make it.

The College is committed to the belief that students have a right to organize and participate in groups whose purposes center on the interest and goals of the individuals involved. Experiences in the areas of leadership, interpersonal relationships and decision-making related to operations of the organization can provide vital lessons and as such are to be encouraged. In order to plan and coordinate group activities, keep students informed regarding possible club involvement, and to insure that student organizations receive the privileges they deserve, the College requires that student organizations register with the Student Affairs office. Information for registrations includes, but is not limited to: the organization's name, list of officers, advisor, constitution, and, a statement of its goals and purposes.

For full details on starting a new Student Club or Organization view the Student Clubs and Organizations Handbook.

To apply for a new Student Club or Organization the club will need to turn in the Student Club or Organization Application and the Student Organization Fact Sheet to Robin Tholen at

Guidelines for Registration of an Organization

In order to be recognized by Southern State Community College, student organizations on campus must register with the Student Affairs office. Registration signifies the organization's intent and agreement to comply with the rules and regulations of the college.

Organization Procedure

  • Only currently enrolled students of Southern State Community College may initiate the establishment of a new student organization.
  • A student club or organization application must be completed and submitted to the Coordinator of Student Activities for approval (see attached application form).
  • Must supply a current list of officers and advisors to the Department of Student Affairs (see attached Fact Sheet form).
  • Submit a list of goals, objectives, and major service projects to the Coordinator of Student Activities for approval.
  • Submit a constitution to the Coordinator of Student Activities to be taken to President's Council by the Dean of Student Affairs for approval.


  • Any organization should have a minimum of ten members.
  • Every student organization must have an advisor and that individual must be employed as a faculty, staff, or administrative member of the College.
  • Elect Officers, which will include at minimum a president, treasurer and one other officer of your choice (secretary, vice president, etc.).
  • The club is subject to evaluations from the Coordinator of Student Activities.
  • Become knowledgeable about College policies, guidelines, and procedures that relate to student organizations and their activities.
  • Do not act on behalf of the College, which includes signing contracts or acting as a spokesperson for the College.
  • Abide by all applicable federal, state, and local laws as well as College policies and procedures.
  • Maintain open and honest communication channels with members, advisors, and College officials.
  • Treat all persons without discrimination or prejudice, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, handicap or identity as a veteran.

The Coordinator of Student Activities will make the final determination regarding an organization's registration. Appeals regarding granting or rescinding of registered group status may be made to the Department of Student Affairs.

Print version of the Guidelines for Registration of an Organization

Student Club & Organization Event Planning Process

Student Club Event Planning Checklist

Preliminary Planning:

  • Budget - how much is it going to cost and do we have the funds in our account?
  • Site selection - is there a facility adequate to accomplish our objectives? If you are using space on campus you will need to clear approval through the Director's office (Hillsboro - x5510, Mt, Orab - x3510).
  • Printing - contact the Communications office for assistance with designing your flyers, business cards, brochures, etc. The club's budget should be used to cover the costs of printing.
  • Marketing - contact the Communications office for assistance with press releases, digital hall signage, web site postings and bulletin board posters.

If a large event is planned an appointment may be scheduled with the Department of Student Affairs to assist you in determining your planning processes. Feel free to make an appointment with Student Affairs through the assistant (x2510) to obtain help completing the appropriate steps. You may also use an Event Planning Guide (see below) to help you plan your activities.

Facility Reservations:

  • In order to reserve a room, the advisor for the group must reserve the room by working directly with the Campus Director (Hillsboro - x5510, Mt, Orab - x3510) as far in advance as possible to assure the availability of the facility. No less than two weeks advance notice is recommended. Clubs may not reserve several rooms on campus at the same time. A copy of the approved facility request will be provided by the Assistant to the Campus Director.

Information you may need to reserve a room:

  • The person responsible for the event, his/her address and phone number. This person will be contacted to answer all questions about the event.
  • Speaker or guest's name/film title/etc.
  • Date or dates selected for the program. If the date is in conflict with vacations, holidays or major campus events, you will be advised. In case adequate facilities are not available on your first chosen date, be prepared with an alternate date for your program.
  • Times the event will begin and end. This is very important. Maintenance unlocks and secures campus facilities according to events approved.
  • Description of the event.
  • Specific location requested.
  • Estimated attendance.
  • What services or equipment you will need:
    • Physical plant for set-up: x2690 (Hillsboro), x3690 (Mt. Orab)
    • IT for technical set-up/assistance: x2800 - Tech Support
    • Will there be food and is food permissible in the room you requested?
  • The more information you give, the better your chances are for timely service of the event.


Chartered student clubs/organizations are encouraged to increase their membership and treasuries through whatever means appropriate. Before any items may be sold or distributed on a Southern State campus, or off campus by anyone representing a club or organization, they MUST first obtain permission from the Foundation Director (x2622). The reason for this is so the club/organization will not be in conflict with any community work going on by the college Foundation. (It is important NOT to conflict with the Foundation endeavors within the community.)


  • “Sales” is defined as the activity of exchanging a product or service in return for money, goods, or other services.
  • Sales are permitted from behind tables which have been previously reserved.
  • A member of the sponsoring organization or College department must be present at the sale site at all times.
  • Members of student organizations and college departments directing or participating in the sale must be currently registered for classes or be employed by the College.


  • "Solicitation" is defined as any effort to ask for donations or contributions of money, goods, services or written advocacy of a cause.
  • Individuals may not ask for donations or contributions of money, goods, services, or written advocacy of cause unless sponsored by a registered student organization or College department.
  • Solicitations are permitted from behind tables which have been previously reserved.
  • Outdoor solicitations are permitted provided that free flow of traffic is not impeded and the area has been scheduled with the campus Director's office.

Guidelines for Food Sales

  • The sale of food on campus or bake/confectionery sales by any college-affiliated group other than the official campus food services is limited to requests approved by the Department of Student Affairs.
  • A bake/confectionery sale is defined as the sale of items which will not spoil in the absence of refrigeration. Bake/confectionery sale items include cookies, brownies, popcorn, cake with nonperishable icing, muffins, bread, rolls, pretzels, donuts, caramel or candy-coated apples, and fudge.
  • Other food events may be on a donation basis.
  • The intended recipient of the donations should be advertised during the event. An example would be, "All proceeds go to Highland County's Relay for Life."


  • A "raffle" is defined as the selling of chances to win a prize.
  • Anything except tobacco, liquor, and money, which may legally be purchased in Ohio, may be raffled by a student organization to raise money for some designated purpose.
  • The article that is being offered as a prize must be secured before raffle tickets are sold or before the raffle is announced.
  • No prize offered in a raffle can be generated by the money raised by the raffle itself.

Accounting of Funds:

  • All profits from fundraising must be deposited into the club/organization's college account through the drop box on their campus, preferably within 24 hours. The Business Office will provide a receipt code for specific clubs/organizations to use. Deposits may also be made at the Business Office on Central campus. Deposits from the drop boxes will be processed by the Business Office on Mondays only.
  • Students should request a receipt for funds deposited which should in turn be given to the club's treasurer or advisor for accounting's sake.
  • No student clubs/organizations shall have their own personal accounts outside the College.
  • Requisitions may be generated from the club's account to make payments or reimbursements. The Department of Student Affairs will process requisitions for your club if you need that assistance.
  • Invoices and/or receipts will be required for payment and reimbursement.
  • Members are not permitted to sign agreements with companies. Advisors should work with the Business Office to complete these processes. A copy of any contract approved and entered into should reside at the Business Office.
  • Account balance reports of fundraising accounts can be printed upon request by the Business Office (Deb Pettyjohn at x2655 or General operating accounts may be accessed through the Advisor's MySSCC account. If you have not been granted access yet, the Department of Student Affairs can assist you.
  • Students are expected to work directly with their Advisor before agreeing to any purchases from SSCC accounts.
  • Allow 5-10 working days for all reimbursements and/or checks to be cut.