This list includes all of the active college committees with a link to their collaborative SharePoint site.

If you’re on a committee and need granted access to a SharePoint site, please contact the webmaster.

Academic Council

Academic Council SharePoint

Adjunct Faculty Committee

The Adjunct Faculty Committee is made up of full-time faculty, adjunct faculty and administrators. A voice for adjunct faculty within Southern State, the Committee strives to support their efforts through a perspective of cooperation as well as offer professional development opportunities.

Adjunct Faculty Committee SharePoint

Advisory Committee

Advisory committee members are people from the community willing to provide guidance and constructive input toward the fulfillment of program goals and objectives. These committee members are asked to advise faculty and college leaders in regards to issues relating to program development and implementation, job requirements, employer needs, student support, equipment and facility recommendations, and internships as well as cooperative job opportunities. Their input will be used toward improving academic quality and to measure Southern State’s ability to meet the demands of the local employment community.

Advisory Committee SharePoint

Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee provides leadership and support for the college’s Student Learning Assessment including working along with faculty in maintaining and updating Student Learning Assessment Plans, Assessment Timelines and Assessment Reports for all Associate and Certified Programs, CORE Outcomes and Discipline Areas. In addition, the committee will provide platforms for faculty to share information learned from their assessment projects with a focus on how these efforts are used to improve student learning at Southern State.

Assessment Committee SharePoint

Curriculum Committee

Southern State’s Curriculum Committee is a recommending body of the Faculty Senate on all matters specifically related to credit and non-credit courses and credit course programs. The Curriculum Committee is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the college’s credit curriculum, described by the official catalogue listing of courses as well as the course inventory maintained by the Registrar.

Curriculum SharePoint

Distance Education Committee

The Distance Education Committee oversees distance learning initiatives at the college. The committee’s charge, which is to establish and monitor procedures for all aspects of distance learning, is carried out by members drawn from key administrative areas of the college and the college’s faculty.

Distance Educational Sub Committee SharePoint

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate SharePoint

General Studies

The group meets to discuss the Common Core and how to assist in making a more seamless transition between high school and higher education.

General Studies SharePoint

Insurance Committee

The Insurance Committee is tasked with meeting annually to review the renewal information for the college’s medical plan(s). The committee, through the Chair, shall present its consensus recommendation to the Board of Trustees in advance of the College renewing the health insurance contracts.

The committee consists of equal representation from faculty, staff and administration

Insurance Committee SharePoint

Learning College Coordinating Committee

Learning College Coordinating Committee SharePoint

Safety Committee

The primary role of the Safety Committee as it relates to the governance process is to provide constituent input regarding the promotion of a safe environment for all faculty, staff, students and visitors to the college. The committee has the responsibility to consult with employees and other constituent groups to identify health and safety concerns, as well as to develop recommended suggestions to proactively address and remediate occupational health and safety concerns.

Safety Committee SharePoint

Strategic Planning Council

Strategic Planning SharePoint

Technical Faculty

Technical faculty provides thorough career training at the technician level. Their two-year associate degree programs expose students to intensive practical experience and skill development in the field students choose to study. Technical faculty teach certificate programs aimed at giving students a compact but thorough knowledge in a specified field. Technical offerings are tailored to meet the career interests and employment needs of persons in the communities served by Southern State.

Technical Faculty SharePoint

Technology Committee

Technology Committee SharePoint

Wellness Committee

Mission Statement:

To enhance organizational health by fostering interest and encouraging employees to initiate or expand healthier lifestyles, provide diverse wellness programs to meet a wide range of personal health needs, recognize employees for participating in healthier lifestyle activities, decrease absenteeism due to illness and stress and develop a positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all employees.

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Southern State Community College Wellness Committee is to become a champion for Southern State Community College employees and their families in achieving healthier lifestyles.


To provide diverse wellness programs that promote the health and wellness of employees and their families through education and initiatives which:

  • Encourage habits of wellness
  • Increase awareness of factors and resources contributing to well-being
  • Inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health
  • Support a sense of community

Health & Wellness SharePoint