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If you ever wanted to travel but didn't know where to start, come travel with friends in comfort and safety.

Exploring your discipline in an international setting is the best way to study its most essential lessons while stepping out of your comfort zone. By matching traditional teaching moments with the impact of experiential learning, we'll bring your curriculum to life as you explore new cultures and experience transformative moments.

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Amsterdam & Paris

Walk along the picturesque waterways that inspired the likes of Rembrandt and Seurat. Start at the River Amstel, whose palette changes from residential to rural in a few short steps. Three hundred miles downstream, it's the serpentine River Seine that winds wildly through France to give Paris its charm.

This fantastic opportunity will be paired with the Southern State course Introduction to Travel Writing, for those seeking credit. You can come for just the trip or enroll for credit.

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Tour Leader Professor Wallace's Most Recent Tour Discussion

Topics covered: Where and When we are going, What to Expect on the Trip, Who can Travel, Optional College Credit, Why You Should Join Us, & Costs

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