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About Online Learning

Southern State uses MyELearn (Canvas) to offer online courses. Students enrolled in an online course log on to their MyELearn virtual classroom several times a week to communicate with their instructor and classmates, obtain course materials, participate in a variety of learning activities and submit assignments or take tests.

Is Online Learning for You?

You should consider the following questions before deciding to take online courses.

Do I have the time?

An online course worth three credit hours requires an average time commitment of nine to 12 hours a week. Many students report that online courses take more time than classroom courses.

Do I have the skills?

Online learning requires self-discipline, focus and the ability to prioritize your own workload. You should be able to learn from reading as well as follow written instructions.

Do I have the computer skills?

In order to succeed in an online course, you should have good keyboarding skills, know how to create, save and manage files, be familiar with file extensions, know how to use attachments and upload/download files, be able to run any computer application required for the course, be able to install software and be comfortable using a web browser.

Do I have the minimum computer requirements?

Check the Canvas (MyELearn) Technical Information to make sure you have the required platform technologies. You will also need the following minimum requirements:

  • Reliable internet service provider (dial-up connection will work but DSL or cable is preferred)
  • Reputable anti-virus program (be sure to regularly update your anti-virus program and visit Microsoft Windows Update to be sure you have the latest protection against viruses)

Some MyELearn courses use browser plugins. To view portions of these sites, you may need one or more of the following plugins (browsers will generally automatically download any plugin required by a particular page):

  • Adobe Reader – view, navigate and print Adobe PDF files across all major computing platforms
  • Flash – view interactive quizzes, animations and activities
  • Java plug-in – run applications and applets that use Java technology
  • QuickTime – view videos
  • Real Player – play video and audio files
  • Shockwave – view interactive quizzes, animations and activities
  • Windows Media Player – play video and audio files

Are you ready for Online Classes?

drop down arrowRead the following questions to see if taking online classes is right for you.

Online Instructor Requirements

Online instructors may require students to have access to specific programs or other resources and may also require the student to complete an orientation at the beginning of the semester. Find out what your instructor requires at:


Online instructors expect students to have required textbooks in hand on the first day of the semester. Textbooks for online courses are only available at the Central Campus Bookstore or the Online Bookstore If ordered online you can choose "store pick-up" or "ship to residence or business." If you are ordering from the Online Hillsboro store and requesting store pick-up, you will be prompted to choose on which campus you will be picking up your books.

Contact the Bookstore for more information on obtaining textbooks.

Online Success Workshops

Student Canvas Orientation

The Student Canvas Orientation is designed to give you the information and tools you need to be successful in your online and hybrid courses, is self-paced, and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Even if you have taken an online course before, be sure to take advantage of the resources and support available.

If you have any questions please email

Fall 2019 Student Canvas Orientation CRDW 1100
  • CRDW 1100 FH1 | August 19 - September 8, 2019
  • CRDW 1100 FH2 | September 9 - 29, 2019
  • CRDW 1100 FH3 | September 30 - October 20, 2019
  • CRDW 1100 FH4 | October 21 - November 10, 2019
  • CRDW 1100 FH5 | November 11 - December 2, 2019

Contact the Academic/Career advisors in the Advising Center for more information and to register.

Success in the Digital Age

Taking your first online course? Do you have the skills for it? The Tutoring Center has a workshop for that! The Success in the Digital Age Workshop is designed to help students to become familiar with the basics computer skills needed to be successful in an online class. We will walk you through:

  • logging in to the system for the first time,
  • setting up your password reset,
  • SSCC alerts,
  • how to create word documents
  • how to create PowerPoints,
  • a demonstration on My Library,
  • a demonstration on My Tech Support,
  • and insure you are able to log-onto MyELearn.
Spring 2020 Success in the Digital Age CRDW 0099
  • Online Success Workshop dates for the Spring Semester will be posted soon. To schedule a workshop contact Jackie Potts at or 800.628.7722 x2882

Contact the Tutoring Center at 937.393.3431 x2825 or x2882 for more information.