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Southern State Community College

Placement Assessment

We ask that new college students take the ACCUPLACER® placement assessment in order to choose Math and English courses that are appropriate. All students begin their college career with different skills, and this assessment will provide you guidance in selecting courses that will enable you to establish the best foundation for success.

Course Placement Guidelines

Listed below are the accepted Placement Assessments used for college level course placement. These college level courses include MATH 1124, MATH 1141, MATH 1160, MATH 2281, and ENGL 1101.

Assessment Math Score English Score
ACCUPLACER 263 or higher 5 or higher
ACT 22 or higher 18 or higher
SAT 530 or higher Writing 430 or higher
Critical Reading 450 or higher

Placement assessment scores will be valid for two years from the completion of that assessment, after which students may be required to repeat an assessment to determine current placement level.

Accuplacer Course Placement Guidelines

These guidelines indicate which beginning math and English courses will be required.

Current ACCUPLACER® Dates

You must make an appointment for your assessment. Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Bring a valid photo ID to your assessment. Acceptable forms of this ID include a current driver’s license, high school ID, college ID or passport. Do not bring a calculator as one will be available within the computerized math portion of the assessment.

Brown County Campus

Assessments are held in Room 200. Call 800.628.7722 x3630 to schedule an assessment.

  • Dates coming soon!

Central Campus

Assessments are held in Room 101. Call 800.628.7722 x2607 or x2825 to schedule an assessment.

  • February 18 @ 4:30pm
  • March 17 @ 4:30pm
  • March 31 @ 4:30pm
  • April 14 @ 4:30pm
  • April 28 @ 4:30pm
  • May 12 @ 4:30pm
  • May 19 @ 4:30pm

Fayette Campus

Assessments are held in Room 125. Call 800.628.7722 x5500 or x5610 to schedule an assessment.

  • February 26 @ 10am
  • March 25 @ 10am
  • April 22 @ 10am
  • May 13 @ 10am

North Campus

Assessments are held in Room 318. Call 800.628.7722 x4520 to schedule an assessment.

  • Center is open daily for testing
    Monday – Friday @ 10:00am

Dates or times don't work for you? There are options!
If you need to take an ACCUPLACER and the scheduled dates don't work for you, individual appointments are available at the Wilmington and Hillsboro Campuses. Call (937)393-3431 ext. 4520 for Darlene Thacker at the Wilmington Campus or ext. 2607 for Lauri Bolitho at the Hillsboro Campus.

Placement Policies

The following policies have been established regarding placement.

Degree-Seeking Students

If you are a new student with no prior college course work who intends to earn a degree or obtain a certificate, you are required to take the ACCUPLACER® placement assessment.

Transfer Students

Based on the results of an evaluation of transfer credits, if you are a new student with prior college course work in mathematics and English, you may (upon request) be excused from taking the assessment.

Non-Degree Students

If you are a new student who wishes to take courses but does not intend to work toward a degree or certificate, you may not be required to take the assessment. However, non-degree students wishing to take any mathematics or English courses will be required to take the assessment before enrolling in those courses. Additionally, non-degree students who later decide to enter a degree/certificate program will be required to take the assessment.

Students with Disabilities

If you require special accommodations for the placement test, please contact Molly Clevenger, Disability Coordinator at 937.393.3431 x2604.

CCP Students

After your CCP application and high school transcript or grade report have been received and processed, SSCC’s Records Office will contact you by mail with information on how to schedule the Placement Assessment. Two weeks after your assessment, you will be notified by mail of your college acceptance status.

Placement Retest Policy

Students may take the placement test twice during their first academic year (first test and one retest). During future academic years, students are limited to one retest per year. Students are encouraged to retest if:

  • results from the first test indicate a need for developmental courses
  • test results do not reflect student's prior learning

The higher score from either test will be used for placement.

Students may not take the placement test after enrolling in a course or sequence that is developmental in nature (ex. ENGL. 0097, ENGL. 0099). Placement tests may not be used as a substitute for passing developmental course(s).