Accuplacer Prep

Welcome to Accuplacer prep. Below you will find short videos that will quickly explain some of the basic arithmetic, algebra concepts, and writing tips to help refresh your knowledge prior to taking the Accuplacer. You will also find math worksheets for you to print and practice as you feel necessary...

Start with the practice tests to check your knowledge. Then watch the videos on the topics where you either missed or were unsure of the answers.

Algebra Review

Positive/Negative Numbers

Positive/Negative Numbers Worksheet

Order of Operations

Order of Operations Worksheet

Solving Basic Equations

Equations Worksheet

Solving Inequalities

Inequalities Worksheet

F.O.I.L (Multiplying Polynomials)

Multiplying Polynomials Worksheet

Factoring (GCF & Grouping)

Factoring 1 Worksheet

Factoring (when "a" equals 1)

Factoring 2 Worksheet

Factoring (when "a" doesn't equal 1)

Factoring 3 Worksheet


Radicals Worksheet

System of Equations

System of Equations Worksheet

Writing Tips

Writing Tips

5 Paragraph Essay