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Southern State Community College

Program Locations

This chart shows a comprehensive list of all our programs, where they're offered, and whether the class is offered days, afternoons, evenings, or online. While our transfer degrees are offered on every campus, our technical certificates/degrees are campus specific. You will find all of our certificates/degrees listed in the left column, and by scrolling across you can find information on where the class is offered and whether the class is offered days, afternoons, evenings, or online.

  Central Campus North Campus Brown County Campus Fayette Campus Additional
Associate of Arts Associate of Science          
Associates of Arts
Associates of Science
Agriculture   DAY/EVE      
Business Management EVE EVE EVE EVE ONLINE
Real Estate License Certificate         ONLINE
Accounting EVE AFT/EVE EVE EVE  
Accounting Certificate EVE AFT/EVE EVE EVE  
Computer Science          
Computer Technology AFT/EVE        
Cyber Security and Forensics AFT/EVE        
Early Childhood Education DAY/EVE        
Electro-Mechanical Engineering EVE        
Mechanical Design Technology EVE        
Aviation Maintenance   EVE     LAUREL OAKS - EVE
Aviation: General & Airframe   EVE     LAUREL OAKS - EVE
Aviation: Powerplant   EVE     LAUREL OAKS - EVE
Health Science          
Medical Assisting DAY        
Nursing DAY        
Practical Nursing     DAY    
Phlebotomy DAY        
Medical Assistant Technology DAY        
Human & Social Services          
Human & Social Services   EVE DAY    
Human & Social Services Chemical Dependency   EVE DAY    
Law Enforcement          
Law Enforcement       EVE