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Nature of Profession

The Licensed practical nurse (LPN) provides patient care due to illness or desire to maintain health. The LPN scope of practice is defined by the Ohio Nurse Practice Act. The LPN provides care at the direction of a licensed physician, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, chiropractor, or registered nurse. The majority of LPNs work is in long-term care and community organizations.

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Program Design

The program is designed to be completed in three semesters and combines lecture classes, lab practice and clinical experience designed to prepare the graduate to be eligible to complete the licensure examination (NCLEX-PN) to become a licensed practical nurse. Continuation in the nursing program requires a minimum grade of "C" in all Nursing courses and a minimum grade of "C" in all other required courses including prerequisites. Students must have the ability to fulfill the essential technical standards defined in the Technical Standards Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Practical Nursing Curriculum

Upon completion of the program, the student will be eligible to apply for the Practical Nursing Certificate and would also qualify to sit for the NCLEX-PN.

Technology requirements for Nursing program: Desktop, laptop, or tablet running Windows 7 or later or Mac OSX 10.8 or later. Not all required software/online resources will work with Android or iOS. High speed internet must be accessible.

E-books will be utilized in program. Program package includes all texts (e-books) for the entire Nursing program at a reduced cost and provides updated versions as available.

First Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
BIOL 2205 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
MATH 1135 Allied Health Mathematics 3
PRAC 1500 Practical Nursing Concepts I 5
PRAC 1200 Pathophysiology 2

Second Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
BIOL 2206 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
PRAC 1600 Practical Nursing Concepts II 5
PRAC 1300 Pharmacology 2

Third Semester

Course # Course Title Credits
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
PRAC 1700 Practical Nursing Concepts III 7
Program Total: 35

Other recommended courses are: BIOL 2210, CHEM 1124, COMM 1115, ENGL 1102, MAST 1115, PSYC 1110, PSYC 1111.

Non-nursing courses may be completed prior to entering the program, however the credit hours per semester will be less while in the program and may affect the amount of Financial Aid you receive each term.

Practical Nursing Graduate Outcomes

Nursing Pinning
Licensure Pass Rate
(First-time test-takers for NCLEX-RN)
Completion Rate
(Number of students who complete the program in no more than 150% of the stated program length beginning with enrollment in the first nursing course)
Job Placement Rate
(Percentage of graduates, six (6) to twelve (12) months after graduating)
July 2014
Central Campus
100% 79.31% 100%
July 2014
South Campus
100% 53.33% 100%
December 2014
Central Campus
100% 68.18% 100%
August 2015
Central Campus
100% 65.62% Collecting
August 2015
Brown County Campus
100% 47.05% Collecting

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