COMM 1110 – Interpersonal Communication

3 credits

An introduction to the principles of effective interpersonal communication. Relevant topics include self concept, perception, listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, emotions, interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution.

*COMM 1115 – Fundamentals of Effective Speech

3 credits

This course encompasses the composition and presentation of speeches. The objective is to help individuals speak effectively to other individuals or groups. The focus will be the study of organization, development, delivery and purpose of various types of speeches.

COMM 2206 – Media Writing

3 credits | Prerequisite: ENGL 1101

Media Writing is designed to introduce students to the basic processes of reporting and writing for newspapers (electronic and print) and broadcast media. Students will also explore photojournalism and newswriting for the web as well as writing for advertising and public relations. The course also addresses the editing process, Associated Press guidelines, and legal and ethical concerns of the journalist.

COMM 2250 – Media & Culture

3 credits | Prerequisite: ENGL 1101

Media & Culture is a survey course designed to give students an overview of the content and effect of mass media including the Internet, newspapers, magazines, books, television, radio, films, the music industry, video games, social media, digital media, and other media with particular emphasis on news media. The course will acquaint students with the ways media are changing as well as the historical context of their development. Students will explore major trends in media consumption and learn to analyze media news coverage in order to become better informed citizens.

A * preceding a course number indicates that the course is part of Ohio Transfer 36.