Nursing FAQs

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Hopefully these frequently asked questions will help you find the information you need! If you have additional questions, please contact Sue Leach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

drop down arrowWhere do I find a nursing application?

drop down arrowAm I able to choose the campus I wish to attend?

drop down arrowWhen can I submit my application?

drop down arrowWhere do I submit my nursing application?

drop down arrowWhen will I know if I am accepted into the Nursing Program?

drop down arrowIf I am accepted, what do I do next?

drop down arrowWhen should I complete the other courses listed in the program outline?

drop down arrowI mailed my Associate Degree Nursing application packet to SSCC on February 28. Will it be reviewed once received by the Nursing Department?

drop down arrowI submitted my application in January. Do I receive extra points for submitting early?

drop down arrowI already sent my high school transcript to Admissions; do I still need to include it in my packet?

drop down arrowI took all the prerequisites at another school. Am I able to submit only the transcript from the other school?

drop down arrowI don’t have all the prerequisites completed. Am I still able to apply?

drop down arrowHow do you determine who is accepted?

drop down arrowI took high school algebra and MATH 1117 at SSCC. Which will be scored for admission?

drop down arrowI have credit for both BIOL 1104 and BIOL 2205. Which will be used for scoring my application?

drop down arrowHow do I register for the TEAS test?

drop down arrowCan I take the TEAS more than once?

drop down arrowIf I have taken the TEAS more than once, which score should I submit?

drop down arrowI received a score of PROFICIENT on the TEAS. Should I retake the test?

drop down arrowMy overall score on the TEAS is proficient, but one of my sub-scale category scores is below proficient. Will my application still be considered?

drop down arrowWhere can I find materials to help me prepare for the TEAS test?

drop down arrowI took the TEAS test in 2012. Are my scores still valid?

drop down arrowDoes the Nursing program know how many times I take the TEAS?

drop down arrowCan I use ACT or HESI results in place of the TEAS test?

drop down arrowIs STNA required before I can apply to the Nursing Program at SSCC?

drop down arrowI have a Bachelor’s degree from another university. Are any requirements waived because of a higher degree?

drop down arrowI cannot log in to MyRecords. Can I request a transcript from Student Records?

drop down arrowI have a balance due and cannot print my transcript from MyRecords. What printout can I use instead?

drop down arrowDo you have a waitlist for the Nursing program?

drop down arrowHow do you determine which students are accepted?

drop down arrowI have a conviction on my record that I believe may prevent me from completing the Nursing Program. How do I find out for sure?

drop down arrowWhat hours will I be in attendance at school while enrolling in the Nursing Program?