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Hopefully these frequently asked questions will help you find the information you need! If you have additional questions, please contact Meg Storrs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I find a nursing application?

The Nursing applications are only available online during the specified times in the Nursing Information Packet. Practical Nursing applications are accepted July 15 through August 15 each year. Associate Degree and LPN to RN (Transition) applications are accepted during the month of February each year.

Am I able to choose the campus I wish to attend?

The Practical Nursing Program is only available on the Brown Campus in Mt. Orab; the Associate Degree Nursing Program (including LPN to RN) is only available on the Central Campus in Hillsboro.

When can I submit my application?

Applications are accepted from February 1 through February 28 (or last business day before February 28) for the Associate Degree Nursing Program and LPN to RN Transition Program. Practical Nursing applications are accepted from July 15-August 15.

Where do I submit my nursing application?

If hand delivering (recommended), applications are accepted in the Nursing Office (room 328) on the Central Campus in Hillsboro, and reviewed to determine that all required documentation is attached. Normal hours are 8 am-4:30 pm, but if making special trip, call to confirm. Applications may be sent via US mail but must be received in the Nursing Office on or before the deadline. Applications are not accepted via email or fax.

When will I know if I am accepted into the Nursing Program?

Notifications are sent to the applicant's SSCC email address. ADN and Transition notifications are sent on or before March 31; PN notifications on or before August 30. There is not a waitlist or additional applicants accepted following the notification.

If I am accepted, what do I do next?

The Nursing Program acceptance letter will indicate the next steps. Orientation is usually held in July for the Fall Semester (Associate Degree), April/May for the LPN to RN Transition, or December for the Spring Semester (Practical Nursing).

When should I complete the other courses listed in the program outline?

Any non-nursing course may be taken once accepted at SSCC. If not completed before beginning the program, the course must be successfully completed (earned grade of C or higher) during the semester it is listed in the program outline in order to progress to the next semester. Please note, if non-nursing courses are completed prior to entering the program, the credit hours per semester will be less while in the program and may affect the amount of Financial Aid you receive each term.

I mailed my Associate Degree Nursing application packet to SSCC on February 28. Will it be reviewed once received by the Nursing Department?

No, ADN applications must be received in the Nursing Office on or before February 28, or the last business day before February 28. The application would not be reviewed.

I submitted my application on February 1 for the ADN program. Do I receive extra points for submitting early?

No, the date submitted does not factor into acceptance of applications, as long as an application is submitted before the deadline.

I already sent my high school transcript to Admissions; do I still need to include it in my packet?

Yes, all documents listed must be included in your application packet. You may ask admissions or student records for a copy of the transcript to include in your packet.

I took all the prerequisites at another school. Am I able to submit only the transcript from the other school?

No, any coursework from other schools must be officially evaluated and transferred to SSCC by the Office of Admissions. Allow at least 2-3 weeks for this process.

I don't have all the prerequisites completed. Am I still able to apply?

No, all admission criteria must be completed before an application can be submitted.

How do you determine who is accepted?

ADN and PN applications are ranked based on prerequisite grades and HESI test scores, and the higher ranked students are offered available spots. LPN to RN Transition applicants are ranked based on prerequisite grades as listed in the information packet.

Applicants are ranked based on grades for the required prerequisite courses. Three points are allotted for an "A", two points for a "B", and one point for a "C".

One point is deducted when the applicant has repeated one of the prerequisite courses (ex. MATH 1116) or the required non-nursing courses (ex. PSYC 1111) with a grade of less than C.

The HESI A2 scores are ranked based on levels of satisfactory (1 point), very good (2 points), and excellent (3 points).

Reading Comprehension Basic Math Skills Biology Chemistry Points
Satisfactory 75-79% 75-79% 75-79% 75-79% 1
Very good 80-89% 80-89% 80-89% 80-89% 2
Excellent 90-100% 90-100% 90-100% 90-100% 3
I took high school algebra and MATH 1117 at SSCC. Which will be scored for admission?

A college course will be ranked above the high school credit.

I have credit for both BIOL 1104 and BIOL 2205. Which will be used for scoring my application?

The lowest college course (i.e., BIOL 1104 or higher) completed with a "C" or higher will be used.

How do I register for the HESI A2?

The non-refundable fee is $65 per test, and fee must be made prior to scheduling exam. Payments can be made online by logging into your MyRecords account, Select Account Information - Miscellaneous Payment - HESI Test. Payment can also be made by calling the SSCC Business Office at 800.628.7722, ext. 2652.

Once payment has been made contact the Test Centers at ext. 2792 (Hillsboro) or ext. 4792 (Wilmington) to schedule a testing date. Testing appointments are limited; register early and at least one week in advance. Food, drink & cell phones are not permitted in the testing area.

Can I take the HESI A2 more than once?

Yes, 2 attempts are permitted per 12 month period but you must pre-register and pay for each test. We do recommend remediation between attempts, however.

If I have taken the entrance test more than once, which score should I submit?

You decide which score you would like to submit with your packet.

Where can I find materials to help me prepare for the HESI A2?

Materials to assist in preparing for the HESI exam are available in the library, bookstore, or for purchase through Evolve at

How long are my test scores valid?

The pre-entrance test must be completed within 24 months of application.

Is STNA required before I can apply to the Nursing Program at SSCC?

No, we do not require STNA certification.

I have a Bachelor's degree from another university. Are any requirements waived because of a higher degree?

No, every student must meet all admission criteria and submit all required documentation.

I cannot log in to MyRecords. Can I request a transcript from Student Records?

No, the student must print their unofficial transcript from MyRecords. Contact Tech Support if you have problems with logging in.

I have a balance due and cannot print my transcript from MyRecords. What printout can I use instead?

Only the unofficial transcript printed by the student from MyRecords will be accepted. Your balance must be paid in full before you can apply. It may take 24 hours for a balance hold to be released.

Do you have a waitlist for any of the Nursing programs?

No, we accept students through a selective admission process. Applications are accepted once a year for each program; if a student is not accepted, he/she may reapply the following year.

I have a conviction on my record that I believe may prevent me from completing the Nursing Program. How do I find out for sure?

A past felony or misdemeanor conviction may disqualify a student from completing the clinical/practicum requirements of a Health Science program and therefore, would not be able to complete the associated course and/or program. Also, the student may be prohibited from taking a state licensure/certification exam.

You may also choose to have a background check completed and have the results reviewed by a committee from the Nursing Department.

The Ohio Board of Nursing also provides information in the "Criminal History Fact Sheet".

What hours will I be in attendance at school while enrolling in the Nursing Program?

The schedule varies during the year. Clinical scheduling varies and students may have clinicals on any shift or days during the week, including weekends. Students are advised not to schedule other activities until the schedules are posted each semester. No student may work the shift before they are scheduled for clinicals.