Mechanical Design Technology (460C)

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Offered on: Central Campus (Evening)

Nature of Profession

Computer drafters prepare detailed drawings on computer aided drafting (CAD) systems. Drawings are made on a video screen and might never be placed on paper. These systems can save time from routine drafting work and permit design variations to be easily prepared.

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Transfer Agreements

Southern State has articulation/transfer agreements with many four-year institutions. Find the transfer agreements for Mechanical Design Technology below.

  • Franklin University
  • Miami University

Student Laptop Requirements

Minimum requirements:

  • Intel or AMD Processor with SSE2 support
  • 8GB RAM or more
  • Windows 8.1 or 10 Operating System, on a 64 bit system
  • DVD Drive
  • Software varies - most versions will be downloadable for free
  • Video Card - Click here to ensure compatibility

Earn Industry Certifications

In this program students will have the opportunity to achieve multiple industry level certifications. Our curriculum aligns with the certification content. Below is a list of the different certifications that students can obtain as they move through the program. Learn more about the certification at the Testing Center.

  • Autodesk Certified User Logo
  • Autodesk Certified Professional Logo


Fall Semester | First Year

Course # Course Title Credits
ENDS 1140 Introduction to Engineering Graphics and AutoCAD 3
ENDS 1100 Introduction to Engineering 2
CSCI 2218 Excel 3
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
EENG 1105 DC Circuits & Devices 3
MATH 1120 Technical Mathematics 3

Spring Semester | First Year

Course # Course Title Credits
ENDS 2230 Advanced Concepts in 2D AutoCAD 3
ENDS 2233 Computer Aided Manufacturing 3
COMM 1115 Fundamentals of Effective Speech 3
PHYS 2201 General Physics I (Algebra Based) 4
PHYS 2211 General Physics Lab I 1
ENGL 2205 Technical Report Writing 3

Fall Semester | Second Year

Course # Course Title Credits
ENDS 2201 Engineering Mechanics: Statics 3
ENDS 2205 Hydraulics & Pneumatics 3
ENDS 1143 Introduction to Project Management and Product Design 3
ENDS 2219 Tool Design & Manufacturing 3
ENDS 2231 Introduction to 3D AutoCAD 3

Spring Semester | Second Year

Course # Course Title Credits
ENDS 2232 Introduction to SolidWorks 3
ENDS 2203 Strength of Materials 3
ENDS 2261 Manufacturing Materials & Processes 3
ENDS 2299 Design Research Project 3
– – – – – – General Elective | PHIL 1107 or SOCI 1170 3
Program Total: 65

*MATH 1120 can be replaced with MATH 1141 or higher

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