Associate of Science

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To receive an Associate of Science degree, the student must complete course work that satisfies the following guidelines:


A concentration is an academic focus within an Associates of Arts or Science Degree. For example, a student who is planning to Transfer to a four-year institution for Engineering may be interested in pursuing a concentration in Mathmatics.

Students must meet all requirements for the Associate of Arts or Science Degree, and the Transfer Module to qualify for a concentration.

Business Management

ACCT 1101, ACCT 1102, BADM 2204, BADM 2206, BADM 2251, BADM 2272

Health, Physical Education, and Fitness

HPER 1101, HPER 1195, HPER 2234

* HPER 2234 can be substituted for three activity course: HPER 1106, HPER 1127, HPER 2217

Interactive Media

CSCI 1145, CSCI 1146, CSCI 1165, CSCI 2220, CSCI 2263, CSCI 2268


MATH 2222, MATH 2223, MATH 2230, MATH 2250

Real Estate

REST 1171, REST 1173, REST 2275

Theatre - Total of 12 THEA hours

THEA 1121

Choose one of the following: THEA 1131, THEA 1132, or THEA 2231

Choose one of the following: THEA 1101, THEA 1104, or THEA 2204

Choose one of the following: THEA 1140, THEA 1150, or THEA 2220

Students are to plan their program with the help and approval of their Advisor.

Students with specific baccalaureate goals should meet the degree requirements with electives that are approved by an advisor at the receiving institution.




English, Speech & Theatre

Fine Arts


Psychology & Sociology