Foreign Language

FLNG 1120 – Beginning American Sign Language I

4 credits

Everyday communication is the centerpiece of every lesson. Topics revolve around sharing information about our environment and us. Grammar is introduced in context with an emphasis on developing question and answering skills. Students learn conversational strategies to help maintain a conversation. Interaction activities allow students to rehearse what they have learned.

FLNG 1121 – Beginning American Sign Language II

4 credits | Prerequisite: FLNG 1120

Students continue to build on skills learned in Beginning American Sign Language I: grammar, conversational strategies and cultural information. In addition, students will add to their knowledge several kinds of lessons: functional (conversational or narrative), skill building, comprehension, cultural and review. The functional lessons introduce vocabulary and key grammar structures through the use of key dialogues or narratives. Skill building lessons focus on practicing detailed language features that support studentsí general ASL production, such as various number types, expanded finger spelling practice, space and semantic use of agreement or spatial verbs, use of negation signs. The comprehension lessons use stories to expand studentsí skills to process and figure meanings from larger chunks of signed information. The culture lessons focus on behaviors and knowledge that enable students to act in appropriate linguistic and social ways, and to gain more cultural insight on the Deaf community.

FLNG 2220 – Intermediate American Sign Language I

4 credits | Prerequisite: FLNG 1121

Intermediate American Sign Language I has been designed to build upon the student's prior knowledge and experiences from Beginning American Sign Language I & II. This course focuses on building narrative skills and developing real-world conversational skills used in everyday discussions. Students will continue to acquire cultural information through immersion in the Deaf Community and through the stories presented in the text and live in class. Students will gain the skills needed to express ideas and concepts and illustrate how things work using American Sign Language.

FLNG 2221 – Advanced American Sign Language

3 credits | Prerequisite: FLNG 2220

This course is designed to build upon the student’s prior knowledge and experience of American Sign Language (ASL). Students will be exposed to cultural interactions and stories from their text to bring them to a higher level of fluency in ASL.